Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


To fix all old code errors it’s much easier to release a complete new version as going to find out what was causing the errors in the old one.


It’s possible to just update the existing topic without creating a literal sequel for no reason


Is this a so big issue for you?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m not going to give that kind of a response an actual answer.


As i said before the old plugin was really a mess (the github source is public, just look at it and you’ll know why). But the REAL reason was that if you look closely that post was not made by me, it was made by a person wich i work with on a server (outside64). That means that every time an update is released i have to ask him to update the topic and trust me sometimes that’s not so easy to do (since everyone has it’s own private stuff to do). But you could say “then why don’t you asked him to make you as an author?” and you’ll be right, i could’ve asked him this, but i want to bother him the less, and also there’s the third reason i’ve made a different topic. That topic was full of comments from the previous version and how it works, the new version is completely different at it’s core, if you see the old region file and the new region file you’ll see they are different, and i’m not talking about flags. This could led to misunderstandings because users may think the plugin works in a way while it works in another. Also, if a user has a problem with this new version they can think that downloading a previous version (since it’s linked in the old thread) may fix the issue, but that’s not true because the regions are in two different formats. That’s why i made a new post, because at the end of the day it’s a different plugin, that does the same stuff and has almost the same name, but it’s basically different. I know, maybe using the same name may be confusing, but since both plugins belong to the same person i can always redirect users to the right version. An example: when you go to the Sponge download page you don’t see 1 single link with the latest version, but you see more, one for each version. This is nearly the same thing but instead of links we have topics. That being sad i’m sorry if anyone bother you with silly questions, i’m sure that was not intentional, but of course i can’t decide what someone can say :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: sorry for my english, it’s not my language


It wasn’t really full of errors (at least from what has been reported), but the source code was a mess. If you see it you’ll understand why, it uses reflection to get the flag list and manage it, wich on a side it was good because adding a flag was way faster but on the other side led to a LOT of bugs. Also, many errors were given not by the plugin, but by Java itself. What i’m saying is that some versions of Java, for some reason, have some issues with the Reflection classes, and this makes the old plugin unusable (wich of course is not what i want to happen)


For some reason, on my server Universe Guard 2::FlagWaterFlowListener seems to absolutely kill my server. It takes up over 1,000% of my Server’s Tick. Do you have any idea how to fix this issue, yet still allow flowing water?

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could we have flags for ice melting and vine spread please? theyre pretty important for our server. probably the most useful flags we had on worldguard for creative based building.


Oh ok​:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Yes, I noticed this serious problem! Always crash.


I’m already working on those flags, as well as grass spread and similar flags :wink:


Yes, the flowing flag seems to be really “heavy” to handle and i’m already looking at how this can be fixed. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be an easy fix but for sure i’ll put a lot of effort trying to do this :wink:


I hope the 1.12.2 version will come soon :stuck_out_tongue:

you make a wonderful plugin !!



Download it here > https://goo.gl/Zqkctw



    1. icemelt: sets if ice will melt into the Region
    2. vinesgrowth: sets if vines will grow inside the Region
    3. [REMOVED] enter: sets if players can enter a Region
    4. [REMOVED] exit: sets if players can leave a Region
      UPDATE: flags enter and exit has been disabled due to massive lag. This means that you can still set those flags but they will do nothing until a fix is relased. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:
  • You can now set default values for non standard flags, like vehicles, explosions or interacts

  • Small additions for a better integration with Forge

Good new everyone: API7 has been released officially! This means that the API7 version of the plugin if just around the corner :wink: I’m also almost done working on a way to handle mobs “all at once”. So very soon you’ll be able to disable all hostile mobs spawning, for instance, or all peaceful mobs drops, and so on. So stay tuned for more updates, if you found a bug or have a suggestion please let me now here or on GitHub. Peace! :smiley:


ERROR LINK :frowning:


Woops, fixed right now :slight_smile:


whoop cant wait


When I type /region (to get the tool) I get the error:

Error occurred while executing command:

I’m using:

I hope it’s simple fix because this is the only WorldGuard-like plugin I’ve been able to find since MC 1.8! This is something the community really needs!


Hi, this is a known issue and it’s related to MC-1.12.2. That version runs with SpongeAPI7, but the plugin is built using the API6. Therefore some classes has been changed or misses. But don’t worry, an API7 version of the plugin is in development so stay tuned for updates :wink:


I waited for [enter] and [exit] flags and some other flags but [enter] & [exit] were deleted. Hope you fix this soon.