Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


He say since many months “next week” release… sometimes its better to say nothing like this!


Yes of course with his sentence we all says great it will comes soooooon !!

but it’s ok we can wait and it’s not with “he is incompetant” it will come :slight_smile: sometimes its better to say nothing like this!

good luck @Francesco_Jimi :wink:


You got a point, i agree that i was wrong there. But when i said that it was because i really thought it would take a week. Unofrtunately unexpected comes, wich i can’t know at the time, so this is the reason of this delay


@Victor_Alonso Thank you all for your patience and supports, you are truly and inspiration for my work and i hope to give you the best result that i can :slight_smile:



Hi everyone, the new version is finally here! There’s been some troubles and some discussions about, but in the end the so long waited version is here: THE API 7 VERSION!
Please consider that this version could have some bugs or be instable, so please backup your server before using it! Also, API7 version ONLY works with MC-1.12.2, if you want to use version 2.6 with MC-1.10.2 you need to download another version linked below. There will be two versions for a while, the idea is to have one version shared across all versions built with API7, but that will require some time :slight_smile:
I also want to give a big thanks to Bryce92, wich sometimes helps me developing this plugin. I am really really thankful to him for the big help and the great job he’s doing :smiley:
That said, here is the changelog for this version. This is the same for both API6 and API7 version:


  • Regions are now cached. All regions are loaded on server start and the list is updated when a region is added/deleted/updated. This will increase performances significantly, since there will be a lot less operations on disk.
  • New command: /rg reload: Will reload the all regions from the disk, used to reload the cache
  • Implemented the flag enter: This flag will work through a timer, therefore you’ll find a new setting in the config file to set how often this event should be fired (default 500 milliseconds, twice per second)
  • Implemented the flag exit: This flag will prevent players from exit some regions
  • Fixed some flags ignore permissions or being too restrictive (even op players can’t bypass them!)
  • Fixed explosion flags
  • Fixed mob flag
  • Fixed mobspawn “all” set to false blocks falling blocks or arrows

Download for MC-1.10.2: https://goo.gl/3hYdaV

Download for MC-1.12.2: https://goo.gl/u3PGtV

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

Another news for you: the MC-1.10.2 is now linked with TravisCI. This mean that you can potentially test new versions before they are complete or goes “live” :smiley:
I am really sorry if API7 has been waited for so much time, but unfortunately life doesn’t go always as you plan, expecially at work :confused: Again, please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break you world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


Thanks !!

good versions ! it works good in 1.12.2 !

  • maybe add an item when we click it will say in what region we are

  • maybe add a command like /rg flag explosiondamage all false to put all explosiondamage 's flag to false and the same for /rg flag explosiondamage all true (something like this)

or maybe if we click on “place” it will open the chat with /rg flag flag place and we will have just to put true or false and enter :stuck_out_tongue:

THANKS A LOT for this version ! :slight_smile:


Thank you for you comment and suggestions :slight_smile: Both will be added for sure since will make life easier to a lot of people :wink: Also, if you want to know wich Region you are currently in then you can use the /rg here command, it does exactly what you suggested :wink:


other problem / to add

  • I put flag destroy to false but we can break a turtle of computercraft or a computer of computercraft
    or maybe something of other mods too

  • can you add a flag to not trample the fiels if we jump on it ??

  • if there are many region where we are with /rg here we see the both ??

  • add flag animalspawn to pig chicken. … and mobspawn To creeper zombie. …


I create a region “Spawn” in world named world
But the spawn region is too in the world named ressource i create with nucleus at the same location than the spawn region of the world world

It’s important to fix that ! :slight_smile:



Thank you for your reports. About you reports/questions:

  • Will do some tests with the computercraft mod to see why this is happening and how to prevent this.
  • Will see if that’s possible and add it to the flags
  • Will display the one with the highest priority, but i guess it could be easily changed to show all the regions there ordered by priority
  • Adding “groups” to the mobs flags is already in development

For the “Spawn” region bug, i’ll look more in depth into this since it shouldn’t happen at all. I want to ask you if at that location in the “ressource” world you had same restrictions (so the region phisically exists there) or using the “/rg here” command it says there’s a region there. Cause in the second case the problem could just be the command and not the regions itself :slight_smile:


in resource world i see the same spawn region at the same loaction than the spawn of world world

I see it with /region here and after i test and like in the spawn of the world world we can’t place vehicle or we cant use tnt or …

so /spawn region is at world world like i put but too in ressource world

it 's not just a display error :slight_smile:

good luck you’re a very good developer

I give you a tip thanks for all you do and for 1.12.2 !


Thank you so much for your donation, i’ll look into this issue as soon as i can :wink:


I’ve looked into this issue but on a local server this bug hasn’t popped out :confused: The only thing i can say it’s that for some reason the Global region of the new world internally has the same name of the World region, so this causes inconsistency :confused: Can i ask you to send me via PM the global region files of both worlds and the Spawn region file? Maybe with these i can find what’s causing this


Hii, sorry my english, i’m telling german.
I’m have 2 Problems:
Ingame Error-> /rg flag chests true -> Usage: /rg flag ‘subflag’ ‘flag’ ‘value’. What it’s a Subflag?

Problem Global-Config - Server stay down. I’m edit the global config in the path
the flag chests to true, but after serverstart stay chests to false and players don’t have access to chests in the world. It’s this a bug?


With the last version the plugin does now cache all the information, to apply the changes you made manually form the config file do /rg reload, let me know if it works for you




After much errors now i’m understanding the command. In the wiki it’s not exactly writing. -> “/rg edit world” and “/rg flag flag chests true” are function and the command “/rg info world” show me chests in green. As finish, i’m write the command “/rg save”. Again “/rg info world” and chests are green.

Now the big surprise: after server restart are overwriting the flags in the file world.json to default and the command “/rg info world” show me chests in red. It’s not funny.

And i missing the “priority=…” in the global configs. All new regions it’s neccessairy to edit the priority to highter value for overwriting the global flags in this new region. Par example, i’m want config global “priority=-1”


Thank you for report, we’ll look into this issue as soon as we can. But let me ask you a question: are you “coming” from the old universe guard? If so the problem could be that you have your old regions in the “olds” folder that gets converted each time you restart the server (and so the world region gets overwritten). If not than it could be a bug related to how regions are updated with each new version and will look into it :wink: As for the priority, you don’t need to set a priority for your local regions. If you define a region between two points it will be the “dominant” region, meaning that between that points everything will be ruled by your region and not the global. The priority can be used when you have two or more regions that overlaps each other, and you want to define wich region is the dominant in the overlapping areas.


Hii @Francesco_Jimi,
this it’s my first sponge server and i’m installing DireWolf2-1.12.2.

Plugins are:
griefprevention-1.12.2- (Deleting, don’t works together with UniverseGuard2)
The old universeguard never was in action but I’m not 100% sure. I had all the files, in the folder global, deleted and rewritten by the plugin

For testing, i’m create a extra buildingworld and in this world (and in the farmingworld) function the editing files correctly. The problem stay only in the normally world (world.json).

My idea was to protect the buildingworld against destruction (Build deny) and to protect plots by players with Griefprevention. But GriefPrevention does not overwrite inside the plot the global flags from UniverseGuard2 and so can’t be used. I have to create the plots and set the flags manually.


That’s really really strange :confused: The only thing left i can think is that the world is not called “world” or the world the region refers to is another, and so when the server starts it creates/updates a region with the current world name. Can i ask you to send me via PM your world.json file and your server.properties (without server ip in it and other private stuffs of course)?


maybe add /rg editlocation “region_name” if we do /trg and with the stick we select a rg and we do this command it will replace the ex loaction of the region by this one