Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


How do I allow users in world to go to the nether and other worlds? Users getting access denied messages when trying to travel to new world.


They should be able to do that since the plugin doesn’t handle dimensions travels :confused: I’ll check into this, but i need to know if the error message occurs in a global region or in a local region. Please send me via PM the region configuration for both the region that throws this message and the dimensions regions files


Is there a way how to setup maximum size of region which can players create (based on groups like player ,admin …)???
And is it possible to set how much regions players can have?


The answer to both questions is “currently no”. But i’ll see if i can add those things in the next release, since the first will certainly help a lot the regions creation process :wink:



Hi everyone! :smiley: Yes, i know what you are thinking: 2 versions released at the same time? Well… no. The version released is the 2.11. Aaaaaand i guess you are now more confused than before. Let me explain: the next release was planned to be the 2.10, as the previous one was the 2.9. But it turned out that a floating value that ends with a 0 doesn’t get parsed correctly from the JSON parser. So in the Regions file you’ll see that the version was the 2.1 instead of the 2.10. So to avoid issues with this i decided to skip a version and so here we are with the release of version 2.11 :slight_smile: This is the first version where new content is exclusive to 1.12.2. So if you want to enjoy the new content you might consider updating your server to that version of the game, since Sponge dropped support for older versions and many plugins (UniverseGuard included) had or will too. For the moment only bugfixes will come into 1.10.2 version too, but at some point that version will be completely abandoned, so the 1.12.2 will be the main version alongside with, eventually, the 1.13 version and so on.
I also want you to know that the Ore page wasn’t forgotten. I’m working on it so hopefully for the next release it will be on :slight_smile:
But we talked enough already, let’s see what are the changes for this version! :smiley:

CHANGELOG (1.12.2 only)

  • New flag: shulkerboxes: Sets if non-members of a Region can use Shulker Boxes inside the Region. Note that this flag won’t protect them from being destroyed by pistons, for that you’ll need to set to false the new specific related flag

  • New flag: pistons: Sets if non-members of a Region can use Pistons or Sticky Pistons inside the Region

  • Limit Regions size: Regions can now be limited in size. This mean that a new Region can’t be larger than a fixed value from point to point. You can enable this feature using the LIMIT_REGIONS_SIZE setting in the config file. By default is disabled, meaning that a Region can be of any size. The maximum size of Region can be set using the MAX_REGION_SIZE setting. This will be taken in count when saving the Region and only if the size limit for Regions is enabled.

  • Limit player Regions: You can now limit the number of Regions a player can be member or owner using the LIMIT_PLAYER_REGIONS setting. By default is disabled, meaning that a player can be added in any Region. The maximum number of Regions a player can be can be set using the MAX_REGIONS setting. Note that these settings will only work if UNIQUE_REGIONS setting is set to false, otherwise a player can only be member or owner of only one region.

  • Region effects: Local Regions can now have some potion effects linked to them. This will make so every player inside that Region will get the potion effects sets for that Region. Note that if a player has already one of these effect, it won’t get “overwritten” until it runs out, than the Region one will be applied. For instance, if a Region has an Absorption effect of level 2 and the player has the same effect but of level 1, the Region effect will be applied after the level 1 effect runs out. Same if the player effect’s strenght is greater than the Region one. To enable Regions to give potion effects to player you need to set the USE_EFFECTS setting in the config file to true, otherwise effects won’t be applied (but you can still add or remove them from a Region using commands). This has been done because it could be really heavy to handle, so use this feature if you are sure it won’t cause any trouble. Will keep an eye on this feature anyway to see if it’s really heavy and if so how can we improve it :wink:

  • New command: /effectadd: Add a potion effect to a Region. To do this you need to specify the effect you want to add in the format :, for example “minecraft:absorption”, and the amplifier for the effect. Note that a value of 0 will set the level 1 effect, a value of 1 will set the level 2 effect and so on

  • New command: /effectremove: Remove a potion effect from a Region. To do this you need to specify the effect you want to add in the format :, for example “minecraft:absorption”.

  • Updated our privacy policy: beacuse everyone does these days, so why can’t we? :stuck_out_tongue:

BUG FIXED (1.12.2 & 1.10.2)

  • Fixed a bug where players can’t use a lighter if the place flag was set to false
  • Fixed the help text for the trample flag

Download for MC-1.10.2: http://bit.ly/2Ja8hQA

Download for MC-1.12.2: http://bit.ly/2xg3jx5

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

Most of the new exclusive content for the 1.12.2 version comes from suggestions you mad here or on the GitHub page, so i want to give a huge THANK YOU for the great support you are giving to the plugin! I’ll always try to do my best to give you the best possible experience with this plugin, so if you have any suggestion to improve this please let me know and i’ll see if i can make it :wink:

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


And its possible to setup different region size for different group of players? Like normal player can have region size 64x64, admin can have region size 128x128. Or can you add in next update options for adding groups and setup size of regions per groups? :slight_smile: Is that possible?


Hello Jimi!!! Great plugin!!! I’m here to ask if it’s possible add some flags:

  • Flag Fly : Disable flying inside the region.
  • Flag Interact: Disable interaction with chests, minecarts, mobs etc.
  • Flag Item-durability: Disable item damage inside the region.
  • Flag Walk-speed: Set speed how fast players runs.
  • Flag Keep-exp: Player keep their exp on death.
  • Flag Elytra: Disable elytra use.
  • Flag Frostwalker: Disable frostwalker
  • Flag Nether-portal: Disable creation


Right now the max size limit is applied to all regions, meaning that a region, no matter who will be in, will be at most that size. What i plan to switch that option so each region can have it’s own max size, and then you will be able to define Region templates, so you create a Region once and you then essentially copy and paste that Region at different locations :slight_smile:


Interacts are yet in the plugin. For chests there is a specific flag, while for other interactable things there are the interact flag or the vehicle flags, with their own subflags. The rest of the flags will be added in later versions so stay tuned for updates :wink:


Is there a way to block to use of flint n steel ?


set the flag "lighter’’ to false


Last question if you don’t mind, is there a way to block to use of fishing poles? There is a Mod I use (pixelmonmod) that has its own fishing rods and they can be used at spawn which I prefer to block.


No, there’s not a flag for that right now. I’ll see if i can add it in the next release :wink:




Another sunday, another Universe Guard release! :smiley: And as you can read by the title this marks the first 1.12-only release of the plugin. This mean that from now on new features will be added only in 1.12.2 version (and 1.13 if it comes out). Bug fixes will still come in 1.10.2 version but as soon as the 1.13 version of UniverseGuard will be out, the support for 1.10.2 will be completely dropped out. That being said, latest version seems to be pretty stable, infact today’s release has no bugfixes but only additions to the plugin :smiley: So, let’s move on and see what’s new in version 2.12!

CHANGELOG (1.12.2 only)

  • Purchasable regions: You can now sell and buy Regions if you want. You can enable this feature using the “puchasable_regions” setting in the config file. When enabled you can use the following commands to sell or buy some Regions: /rg setvalue [region] [item] [quantity]. Using this command you can specify wich item the players will use and in wich quantity to buy this Region. The item can be any item, even a block or a modded one, in the form of [modid]:[item] (for example minecraft:stick). The quantity value must be any positive number greater than 0. If you want to remove a Region from being selled, you can use the command /rg removevalue [region]. This will no longer make the Region purchasable, however if the Region has been purchased yet the members inside it will still remain. It only makes so if the members leaves the Region it can’t be bought anymore. As a player, to buy a Region you can use the /rg buy [region] command. If you have the required item in the required quantity in your inventory than you’ll be added to the Region. If you want to sell a Region you bought, use the /rg sell [region] command.

  • Cardinal points: you can now use cardinal points when expanding a point. The respective values are north for back, south for front, west for left and east for right. Previous values are still available and usable.

  • Exclude blocks: you can now exclude some blocks from being handled by the place and the destroy flags. This mean that if a block is an “excluded block” the result of the flag handling will be inverted. So if the place flag is set to false you’ll be able to place an excluded block, if it’s true you won’t. Same for the destroy flag. To mark a block as an “excluded block” you can use the /rg excludeblock [block] [type] command. The block parameter is in the form of [modid]:[blockid] (for example minecraft:grass), the type parameter can be PLACE, DESTROY or BOTH. Depending on the type parameter you will exclude a block from being handled by the place flag, the destroy flag or both. If you want to re-handle a block by one or both of those flags you can use the command /rg includeblock [block] [type]. The parameters syntax is the same as the previous command

  • Specific max regions: you can now specify different max_regions values depending on permissions using the MAX_PERMISSION_REGIONS config section. Right now it only accepts the region permissions and the “*” permission, but it will be extended so you can specify any permission you want. The MAX_REGIONS setting is still in the config file and will be used as a default value for these settings or as the value for players without any of the permissions handled by this section

  • New flag: frostwalker: if set to false will no longer place frosted ice using frost walker boots

  • New flag: fishingpole: sets if non-members players of a Region can use fishing rods in the Region

  • New mob flag: mobinteract: if set to false will no longer allow players to interact with entities (like villagers)

  • Keep Experience: the expdrop flag, if set to false, will now also keep players’s experience if they die (since they don’t drop any xp orb they “remains in their”)

  • Now when a Region is deleted every member of a Region is removed from it

Download for MC-1.12.2: http://bit.ly/2JHOyJg

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

Most of the new features comes from great suggestions you made, so i want to give you a HUGE thank for the support to the project. I also want you to update on the ore page status. The page itself is setted-up, the only thing left is the pgp key used to sign the plugin. For that Ore has a minimum waiting time of 3 days, so there’s nothing much i can do right now :slight_smile: But, if everything goes correctly, next release will be hosted directly on Ore, while previous releases (included this one) will be posted later to that page. Make sure also to report any bug that you find, otherwise i can’t fix them :wink:
Oh, and don’t forget to press F to pay respect to 1.10.2 version! :stuck_out_tongue:

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, because bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


Would it be possible to make it to where you can rent a region along side with purchasing? You’d set up a region, type /rg setrent (or however you want), /rg setduration <s/m/d/ms/year), /rg setprice .

Then to purchase one you’d walk up to a sign and right click and it’d purchase the region for that specific price and for that duration of time.

Also, to make it easier… maybe /rg autosign and that would allow you to right click a block in the region and then punch a sign nearby (100 blocks or so) and it’ll put the regions rent sign and information on it so players wouldn’t have to write out the info on a million different signs.

Would be cool if you could do this! Thanks!


Thanks for all the new features. Could there be a way to block specifically the use of a water bucket, or a lava bucket.
Edit: What version of forge would yall suggest? Im currently on a version of forge & sponge that if you try long enough to break a block it’ll eventually give you the block & replace it.

Current Sponge Version: spongeforge-1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3151
Current Forge Version: forge-1.12.2-

Edit: Whats the story behind this below.
18.06 18:32:33 [Server] Server thread/INFO [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Universe Guard 2: minecraft:stone
18.06 18:32:30 [Server] Server thread/INFO [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Universe Guard 2: minecraft:stone


Will investigate into this bug, i’ll update my testing enviroment, maybe is related to that specific versions (i was using the 2611 version of sponge)



Hello everyone! Welcome to a new UniverseGuard release! Last release was really appreciated and it seems that it was stable too, despite a bug that has been fixed now. For this reason this release is pretty small as you will read on the tiny changelog below. This release also marks the introduction of Ore as a release system, so you should be able to download the new release using Ore. In case this is not possible you still have the option to download through Mega as usual :wink: So, let’s jump into this release changelog

CHANGELOG (1.12.2 only)

  • Region templates: Added new command /region template. Sets a pending Region to act as a template or not. If a Region is a template it won’t appear in the Regions list and won’t handle events in it. So is like the Region itself doesn’t exist while it is. Used so you can define many Regions with the same properties by defining just a Region and then copy this using the /region copy command.

BUG FIXED (1.12.2)

  • Fixed a bug that spams the block placed in the console

Sponge Ore page: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Francesco_Jimi/Universe-Guard/versions/2.13
Download for MC-1.12.2: http://bit.ly/2KBODdT

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

And that’s it for this release! On previous release the API topic popped out on GitHub. Well, it turned out you can import the whole plugin library into your project and use it :smiley: I added some methods in this release too that should make it easier for others the creation of Regions outside of the plugin, so using the plugin itself as i library. Let me know if that works and if it’s fine :wink: I also want to let you know that next release will probably take a long time to be published, since i’ll start working on a proper permissions system and in general improving the existing one. But of course, since this won’t be a simple task, it will take some time to develop :slight_smile: I hope you won’t loose interest in the project in the meanwhile and continue to enjoy it :slight_smile:

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


Is there a way to remove a greeting or farewell flag after it has been made?


You should be able to do that by setting the message to an empty string, but that feature seems to be bugged so it will be like this in the next release coming later today or tomorrow :wink: