Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin



A bit later on the schedule as this release was planned for last week, but here it is! A small release that comes for both 1.10.2 and 1.12.2 versions of the game! :smiley:


  • Remove messages: You can now remove the farewell and the greeting messages of a Region by using the /rg removefarewell and /rg removegreeting commands while editing a Region
  • "*" permission: You can now set the “*” permission in addition to the all permission. The result will be equivalent

Sponge Ore page for MC-1.12.2: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Francesco_Jimi/Universe-Guard/versions/2.14
Download for MC-1.12.2: https://mega.nz/#!4FkhGSiC!hAoJJcOWjiDSIL-PYHIigyArx9z8UA52gU8ss29Qccc
Download for MC-1.10.2: https://mega.nz/#!JJsxRaCB!GHNnkPN6h8W4GCMEllX2RUmhDsJ3YWC0rzLIFEp5o4U

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


I just want ask if i can find all permission nodes somewhere.
I’ve searched a lot but I can’t find it anywhere.
I will be glad if you answer :slight_smile:

Anyways, Nice Plugin for my server :smiley: Like it !


You can find anything related to permissions here :smiley: https://github.com/JimiIT92/UniverseGuard2/wiki/config#permissions


Well… Than I have one more question. :slight_smile:
I would like to set maximum region size for every group in permissions (default, moderator, admin, owner) for its own like Default will have 64x64 blocks, moderator 128x128 … Is it possible to do?


Hey there,

I’m using your plugin on my private server but I have to say understanding how some of the flag and commands work is rather more challenging than straight forward. I use your wiki and it helps but it is not always clear and concise, leaning towards lacking. For example, the creeper flag is really a sub-flag underneath “explosiondamage” and “explosiondestroy” and neither of those flags are listed in the sidebar.

I would like to see a more developed wiki that includes detailed flags per parameters if possible. I think it would certainly make it easier to actually find and write the correct syntax of the command. Especially since the in-game help doesn’t necessarily tell you what parameters are possible and only gives you a generic syntax error when you put an unrecognizable value or incomplete syntax.

BESIDES THAT… I really do need some help in figuring out the mobspawn flag please. The wiki says it can be used to filter out certain mobs or all mobs and I’m trying to filter out certain mobs in a housing region.

For example, my goal is to block spiders, creepers, endermen, witches, skeletons, and zombies from spawning in the region. Basically all common hostile mobs.

So I use the following syntax: /rg flag mobspawn spider false or /rg flag mobspawn 52 false

Both commands fail returning the error of: "No values matching pattern 'spider' present for flag!" or "No values matching pattern '52' present for flag!"

So I’m at lost here… Assistance?


Hi, yes the Wiki lacks some details because i will like to set up a proper website in the future, the github wiki system is really basic although can still be explanatory. Beside that, the mobs commands works specifying the modid of the mob. For instance, for the spider you need to type minecraft:spider, for the creeper is minecraft:creeper and so on. This is because the tab completition for that flag accepts only parameters in this form. An alias system will be done, so you can type spider without the initial part, but right now it only works like this :confused:



Hi everyone! It’s finally vacation time! I don’t know what’s the weather in your country, but here in Italy is very very hot these days. Anyway, as you may notice the time span from previous release was really long, and so could be from the next one. The reasons are because the plugin looks pretty stable right now and also because i’m kinda on vacation, so i have limited access to my pc. Anyaway, here is the small changelog for this version, wich contain 2 requested features here and on GitHub

CHANGELOG (1.12.2 only)

  • Region Selector fixed: When using the /rg command the Region Selector will no longer replace the item in your hand. Instead it will look the first available slot in your inventory, prioritizing the hotbar
  • Mob aliases: When using the mob-related flags you can now use the mob id without the mod id, for example you can now use just creeper instead of minecraft:creeper

Sponge Ore page: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Francesco_Jimi/Universe-Guard/versions/2.15
Download for MC-1.12.2: http://bit.ly/2Mo6HZK

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


Would it be possible to add music based on region? Like i want a specific track to play on loop for the duration they are in a location


i’m trying to use your plugin, but it doesn’t seem to load (all commands are ‘unknonwn’). I’m running a sponge server with the hexxit modpack. May be the modpack is causing some issue? I already restarted the server two times.


Ok, found the reason. Malisiscore causes an exception which disables loading the spongeforge mod. Therefore universe guard couldn’t be loaded.


I want to know Mob aliases can use with mob of modpack?


Sorry if answer only now (it was a crazy period at work), probably you already found the answer by yourself. But the answer is: probably. Since there isn’t a specific control on the mobs, it just checks if what you typed is the name of a registered entity, it should work with mod mobs too…



Heeeeeeeello everyone! It’s been a reaaaaaly long time since the last update and i hope you guys are fine and still have interest in the project. Now, i won’t go in too mnuch details about why this long absence but long short short: a lot of job in my real rile. But, now that i got some time, here we are with a new small release of UniverseGuard. This time we care about a core feature highly requested and a small tweak that could also be a fix. So, let’s dive straight into the version 2.16 changelog!

CHANGELOG (1.12.2 only)

  • BETTER CODE!: Improved the liquid flow flags source code to avoid some small errors. Those errors are believed to be the cause of some bug reports, mostly the “Could not pass MoveEntityEvent”. So, having more controls on what happens on those flags should now prevent these errors to spam the server console and cause lag.
  • NEW COMMAND /rg itemuse: With this new command you can allow or disallow an item to be used inside the Region. Note that this flag is intended to work with items, like bows, enderpearls, snowballs etc… You can disallow the use of blocks and items like boats or minecarts, however since there are already specific flags for them you might have some unpredictable results, like consuming the item without actually spawning the block or the entity. The command syntax is the follow: /rg itemuse [true|false] [modid:itemid], for example /rg itemuse false minecraft:apple will disable the use of apples, meaning no one in the Region can eat them (how cruel you might be to do that?)

Sponge Ore page: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Francesco_Jimi/Universe-Guard/versions/2.16
Download for MC-1.12.2: http://bit.ly/2y4T6Aq

If you find a bug please let me know in the comments here, on the official GitHub Issue tracker or via private message.

Aaaaaand that’s it for this version. Or… maybe not. The features itself are these, but i’m working to fix, once for all, the explosions problem. It has been noticed that some mods have some items that causes an explosion, like a rocket launcher or a granade. Now, in a normal scenario these would be handled just fine with the “otherexplosions” flag set to false, because the game understands that these are actually explosions. However, in some cases the code written in the mod is done so that neither Sponge or UniverseGuard recognize them as explosions, and therefore they bypass all the controls (or mosts of it). For example, the impact granades from the Modern Warfare mod are not recognized as explosions by Sponge, therefore they will explode causing damage to the terrain. I will look more into this to see if there are other conditions that can make the plugin say “this is an explosion”, if you have any suggestion about how can this be done please let me know in the comments down below or on GitHub (https://github.com/JimiIT92/UniverseGuard2/) :smiley:

Please backup your server before using UniverseGuard, cause bugs are always around the corner and some of them may potentially break your world. If you find one of these, please let me know :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy UniverseGuard2 :slight_smile: Peace! :smiley:


I just recently installed this plugin, and it was working great for a while. I tested it with one of my buddies and it was perfectly setup.

Then another friend joins the server and UniverseGuard is useless to us for him. I check the console and we are getting this like crazy - https://pastebin.com/RN8tk0T5

I updated the plugin to the latest version as well, still nothing.

Edit: I am starting to think this is to do with mods.
My friend that helped me test could still place some modded items in my protected regions.

Also, I literally just noticed this. It’s only when a player is online. As soon as one leaves, it stops.


Will look into this as soon as possibile :wink:


I just deleted all of the config files and essentially re-installed the plugin because I got a little desperate. The error seems to be gone and everything is working fine again.

Hope this helps you solve the error for future people!


After I upgraded from version 2.7-1 to 2.16 every block that is built in a protected area spams the console with a line of:

[Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Universe Guard 2: false

I went back to the older version because it renders the console unusable. Is this something I can fix by configuration or does it need to be fixed in the plugin?

I am using it on forge-1.12.2- with spongeforge-1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2970.jar.


glad to hear that, i’ll look at the pastebin to see if i can fix the source code error that happened :wink:


Looks like some debug stuff has made to the release, woops! :sweat_smile: will see where this is and remove it for the next release :wink:


I’ve looked into the source but it appears there’s nothing debug left on. I’ve also tried to replicate the bug in a test server, placing blocks as non opped in a protected area and i get no message. Try to reinstall the latest version and see if the problem persists :wink: