UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge


Hi, do you plan to release a version with an API so developpers can hook into your plugin ?


Maybe, I was thinking about it few days ago, I think I will realease an API when the plugin will be “enought” stable.
I think atm my plugin is not ready to be a dependence for other plugins.
Thanks for the advise :wink:


What are the default permission nodes for your plugin? I’m having trouble finding the configuration file, but I blame that on a mashup of mods and plugins on my server. If you could point me to it, that would be great also. I know the permission nodes are configurable, as noted in your original post, but your post does not inform us of what the default node values are.

I can’t find "Staff."anything in my PermissionsEx autocomplete.

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


To setup the permission go into the config file of my plugin “config/universeguard/universeguard.conf” and edit (when you need it) the default permission “staff” info what ever you want, to explain you how it works with pex, the “staff” permission is the name of a pex group, so if you want to work with pex, the name that you will write insted “staff” must be a name of a server group in your pex permission config.
Hope you understand it’s not easy for me to explain this in english :smile:
I post you a scrren to explain it better when you need it


I’m still waiting for the updated version to report an error. I want to know whether the error affects the server or not? If not influenced I can skip the next update. :))


Im still working on that, the new version will be a big fix of all the issue that you guys have reported, as I say I haven’t much time to work on the plugin atm, I will release the new build as soon the bugs are all fixed


Hi, I love how the program functions it allows me to pick and choose what areas people can go to and not go to on my map also protects the map i tirelessly built. I did have one issue. When using custom npcs and pixelmon the npcs for both mods get “hidden” and are unseeable, and non interactable for any player or opped admin. I was curious if you were going to fix that issue so i could use your fantastic plugin


you mean that you can not create npc from custom npc mod?
I’ve seen similar cases, I use this way: gamerule domobspawning false and rg flag mob-spawning allow.


Thanks for the reply, and yes probably that is the problem if he can’t place the npcs


If your problem is that you can place the npcs but can’t interact with them, than don’t worry I have found a similiar bug early and im fixing that too


Just Suggestions…

  • Your 2 permission nodes should be more then staff / bypass should be at least universeguard.staff / bypass
  • Default protection should be almost everything but things like vehicles… Vehicles are banned but you can break blocks lol…
  • You are lacking permissions. There should be a proper way and by default to not give anyone the ability to create a region.

Overall I have to get rid of the mod as it does not suit me or the average user. But I hope this advice will help you better it in the future.


Thanks for the advise, I will work on that, a on the second advide that you give me I was already work on it


Can you add the keepinventory flag function to your plugin?


yes, will add it, thanks for the advise


Add: if you can add keepinventory please add keepexp :wink:


Ok, will lokk into it :slight_smile:


Hi just testing UniverseGuard looks great one idear I would kike to see put into it is ( creeper block damage ) dose not blow up the ground but will still kill players and other’s

keep up the good work



Mhh, it’s wired, by me it works, will make more tests.
Does it give to you any errors?


Hi no its working fine no errors at all, I am just saying when you put creeperexplosions=False it dose not damage the ground or kill player’s, I would like to have creeper’s kill player’s but not damage the ground. It’s just an idear for you.




Oh, sorry, I miss understand, it’s a great idea, will add it, Thanks