UniverseGuard - A WorldGuard Solution for Sponge


Thanks Mate

Cant wate to test.


^^ I can’t wait to release finaly this version :smiley:


Hi, I have a server using mo creatures.

But when I use the flag “animals false” the animals does not spawn as it has to be, but I cant drop items.
I think that the dropitems is another flag, but why if I have it true, when I use the flag animals false I cant drop items?

And the players that are in the normal areas (not regions) cant open the chests, but the furnaces and the crafting tables they can.

Your plugin is awesome, I love it!
Good job and I think is better than FoxGuard.


It’s know issue,I already fix it, should be released in the new build


When will be released?


I think end of april I should have it, I have my final exams in a few days, than I can work total on this project


Hey, any plans on setting the teleport point for a region? I often get sent below the bedrock layer, or incredibly high in the sky, since the spawn point seems to be the first point selected in region creation.

I’m also interested in seeing more permission nodes, as I’d like to be able to restrict access to some commands, such as /region teleport, but there seems to be no way to do this yet.


The spawn point will be fixed thanx for the report, I think I can’t fix it for the coming build but for the next sure.
For the permission nodes I think you must wait a bit longer becouse before I will add more nodes I want that the plugin be stable enouht


Im having an issue with UniverseGuard, it keeps spamming my server log with errors.
Here’s a snippet: http://puu.sh/vA5V6/6f7fe5bc90.png

It keeps spamming it. :slight_smile: Not sure why.
MC Sponge Forge 1.11.2 (latest).

Thanks. <3



Is it possible to select all one world and protect it about building when we have more than one world ?

PS :
Is it possible to define a region as all one world for example ?


mmhh, looks wired but I think I already fix it in the build that I develop atm, but I must still say you that this version of UniverseGuard is for 1.10.2 (read the description)


hey ah, can you fix the interaction and build-break problem on minecraft 1.11.2 sponge api 7.0.0 2301 forge 2294 please? if i install universeguard, no any player can break any block in all the world; but they can get the drop of the blocks on break. and they can not interact anything, cna you help this? all i want is protect my spawn and let the players interact anything in spawn. thanks…


As I say previously this version for UG is intended for sponge version 1.10.2, I will release a new build soon witha lot of bug fixes, if you want you can try that build, if the problem will persist im srry but you must wait that I will release a 1.11 build


oh, ofc i want to try. ok i’m waiting for you. can you tell me how much it will take? a week? thanks a lot for response.


I have finished today the new build now give me a few days for tests and it will be released :wink:
I added support for global flags on multiworlds too


i love that! but please don’t use sponge API 7.0.0 because it’s very buggy. make it for 6.0.0 :smiley: thanks a lot! and please be careful about interaction flag, because it doesn’t work in many of plugins, or mods. thanks!


I wait new release for 1.10.2


I hope. In future can add manual cordinates X,Y,Z in world of position1 and position2 without selector item.

Example : /region postion1 200,40,200, /region position2 -200,256,-200


I do not think it is very useful, I mean, who have desire of putting in each time the coordinates?


fukkk… I stopped my server for 1 month waiting for you to update, it was finally finished.tks bro <3