**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition 2


Well, how does my mom sign or give the permission?


Okay, makes sense. I wasn’t attempting to persuade you to change it, I was just curious why it’s implementation was necessary. I am not affected by this as I have yet to be able to create a simple plugin in sponge.


You can have her sign something along the lines of…

I hereby grant permission to enter this contest with the knowledge that he/she may receive a prize that is not intended for his/her age.

Child First/Last name (Print): _____________________________

Parent/Guardian First/Last name (Print): _____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _____________________________

Just a generic thing I put together but you get the idea. Simply have that filled out and send it to me via PM.


As a photo? I’m a confused, sorry.


Well you’d have to print/have her fill in the relevant information and either scan or take a photo of it. Not really much more I can do than that.


Will do! Thanks.


Print it out, scan it back.


If I turn 17 on March 16th, it would be ok w/o a signature then?


As long as your submission is posted when you are 17 then sure. :slightly_smiling:


As of right now, there are three entries in the competition. What would happen if there’s no more entries? Would the competition still be carried out?


I don’t think we have to worry about it. Last time, most entries was added on the last day.
Also, most likely, another reason for that is indefinite prize. When (if?) prize would be announced, there would be more entries.


I’d like to enter a plugin, but because of missing elements in the API it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.


What elements would that be? You are still permitted to use NMS.


I need to be able to obtain the original itemstack when placing a block so I can check if it contains a specific custom data manipulator. For example I have a button in my inventory…when placing that button, I need to read the data manipulator from the itemstack the block came from. I tried checking item in players hand but the Place event fires after the item has been consumed/placed. This would be especially useful for TileEntities, that way the data could be transfered from the ItemStack to the TileEntity.


Shoot! Forgot to enter! I have to wait a couple days for fam to be around, so until then!



The submission deadline has been extended to April 27th by 11:59PM UTC-5. Looking forward to seeing all the submissions. :slight_smile:


THANK YOU!!! Now maybe I actually can work on something over spring break.


C’mon folks, surely we can get some more submissions before the deadline… right!? :grin:


Well I wiped my laptop, thought I’d pushed my project to git…realized afterwards I didn’t…I feel dumb. No submission for me this time.


I will be submitting a plugin, but it will almost certainly be right on the deadline, since I’m really busy