**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition 2


When is the next plugin competition? Summertime seems like it may be a good time for certain people.


That will be announced soon. :slight_smile:


I like seeing the plugins this stirs up!


Unfortunately @Kruemelkatze has not replied in the allotted 48-hour period. An internal vote is being held to determine the new runner-up and will be published when we decide.


Without further ado… the new runner-up is Automator by mmonkey. Congratulations!


Now that’s a worthy plugin! Great job @mmonkey!


Thanks for the kind words @Socratic_Phoenix


@Socratic_Phoenix :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops, should have logged in a view more times. :grin:
Thanks for the nomination anyway und my congratulations to the other winners! :slight_smile: