**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition - Summer 2016


@kmecpp: Well, for us there's always 2017 competition.


@VcSaJen as long as I can actually get anything done on time :wink:


Oh my, I just realized... I haven't submitted one of those signed waiver things. @Grinch is the one from last competition sufficient, or should I write up another one?


Another one if you will.


Not much time left guys! 3 hours and 51 minutes remaining!




Hurry! Only an hour left until the competition closes.


Submissions are closed! Thanks everyone for submitting your plugin. Review will begin shortly and winners will be announced (and contacted shortly thereafter) at the next State of Sponge!


Good luck to everyone competing and thank you to everyone helping out with reviewing the submissions!



Congratulations everyone, it was great to review all of the unique and innovative plugins.