Web-API - Provides an admin panel and API for your Minecraft server


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add XML support
  • Add documentation for Web-API API (How to make your own servlet)
  • Add location header and return 201 response when creating resources
  • Add endpoints to message servlet to get all sent and infos about a single message
  • Improve serialization by moving important things into Web-API API and using mostly annotations not serializers
  • Fix & clean up integrations code
  • Add x-webapi-key as an allowed CORS header
  • Update documentation to support swagger codegen
  • Clean up gradle dependencies



A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Fix form config option not working for webhooks
  • Update documentation about serialization with views and annotations
  • Only return xml data when explicitly requested. Don’t add root node for json
  • Use github for update check to avoid certificate errors
  • Fix inflated jar files because of duplicate dependencies


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Fix bug in EventView causing errors for hooks


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

This release fixes compatibility with Sponge API 7 after cause refactor. So if you’re using one of the newest Sponge API 7 versions and you’ve had errors spammed in your console this should fix it!

  • Fix incorrect default config for hooks
  • Add better error messages for config and hook failures
  • Add deserializer for ItemStack and BlockState (removes the need for ItemStackRequest and BlockStateRequest)
  • Improve server properties endpoint
  • Fix API Servlet trying to set header when response is already provided
  • Improve block operations
  • Add create and change endpoints for HuskyCrates
  • Fix compatibility with Sponge API 7 after cause refactor
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.5.1
    • Create a general DataView that can be used for most pages
    • Improve HuskyCrates integration to allow creating and editing crates
    • Improve Inventory and ItemStack components


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Fix NPE in StatisticsDataView. Fixes #50 and Valandur/admin-panel#1
  • Fix memory issue due to undisposed graphics objects. Fixes #49


@Valandur I quite enjoy the concept behind this plugin and giving it a more extensive look it seems to do more than I thought. Keep up the great work and the consistent releases. :heart:


Thank you very much :blush:


This is really useful and beautiful plugin, but everytime I restart my server it says that username or password is invalid and I need to manually set the password back. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I’m using Minecraft 1.12.2.


I noticed we have the option to specify a keystore. Is there a way to specify a password? If not, can you add support for keystores with passwords. Thanks!


I have a reverse proxy set to route public access from https://minecraftpublicssl.domain.com:8081 to the WebAPI back end at https://minecraftpublicssl.domain.com:8081 (directed to internal IP of server using Hosts file)

When using the whitelist, the WebAPI will think all public traffic is under the reverseproxy’s internal IP. So if I access the public domain from, webapi will log this as (Internal IP of reverse proxy).

Is it possible to work around this so that I can still use the whitelist?


I’m adding this to the next version, sorry I forgot about that :slight_smile:

Currently that is not possible, and a flaw I didn’t think of. I will add support for the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header, which most proxies use to include the original IP. I will also add a list of allowed proxies, so not any client can send this header along and fake the IP. If this does not completely cover your use case please tell me and I will see what I can do!


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add support for custom keystore passwords
  • Add support for X-Forwarded-For headers and proxies
  • Add tons of new data views (almost all DataHolders are now supported)
  • Fix player json not being simple when in list
  • Fix an issue with EnderIO
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.5.2
    • Add enchantments to item stacks
    • Make inventory collapsible
    • Add more infos to player, entity & tile-entity views
    • Improve information on map view
    • Fix sentry/raven not working


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add client libraries to readme
  • Fix causes not serializing correctly
  • Properly reload whitelist, blacklist, allowedProxies and keys on reload
  • Add censored commands to exclude certain commands from being recorded. Fixes #55
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.5.3
    • Fix notifications not working sometimes
    • Add better config tree view
    • Fix sentry version error


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Implement changing plugin configs
  • Add documentation for WebBooks
  • Fix crash in command servlet when not sending a command
  • Fix block operations not completing successfully
  • Fix WebBooks and HuskyCrates api endpoint permissions
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.6.2
    • Added i18n support
    • Added English & German translations
    • Added Russian translation (thanks to Lantcoder)
    • Added json editor for plugin config files
    • Editing & saving plugin configs now works
    • Improved menu layout
    • Add various external links
    • Split code into multiple files to improve load times
    • (Lots of internal changes)


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Fix async executor being a sync executor
  • Use async executor during startup for improved performance
  • Show most recent changes when an update is available
  • Add partial support for aikar timings
  • Fix updating world and entity from non-main thread
  • Remove RedProtect and Nations integration (they are no longer maintained)
  • Update HuskyCrates integration
  • Add UniversalMarket integration
  • Disable default permission keys, require permission keys to be at least 8 characters
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.6.3
    • Fix creating entities not working
    • Add new logo
    • Fix some menu display issues
    • Prevent crash when item stack has no data attached
    • Add UniversalMarket integration


A new version has been released for Web-API, it is available for download here.

  • Add server stats using oshi
  • Fix player advancements webhook not working
  • Fix error reporting not working
  • Update swagger documentation
  • Add more aikar timings
  • Update to AdminPanel v0.6.4
    • Add chart with cpu load, memory load and disk usage to dashboard


I might be a complete retard but as far as I have been able to get it working leads me to a blank page.

So something I recommend is making a tutorial on how those of us who for the life of us cannot get it working can follow a tutorial xD


Hello there :slight_smile: I am painfully aware of the lacking documentation for the admin panel :frowning: It has nothing to do with you!

Here’s a tiny little tutorial that I hope will get you up and running until I have time to make an actual one. I’m also thinking about moving the AdminPanel to an individual plugin, to increase awareness and provide more specific support for it there.

Until then, here goes:

Make sure you have the Web-API plugin installed like any other plugin (put it into the mods folder of your server and restart your server)

  1. After your server has started, use the command /webapi users add admin to add a new user called admin to the AdminPanel. This will automatically generate a password and show it to you. You can do this from the server console or ingame.

Now depending on where your minecraft server is running you will have to take different steps

Your minecraft server is running on your own computer/desktop/laptop

  1. You can access the internet page http://localhost:8080 or https://localhost:8081 to access the admin panel. Please remember that this will only work on the computer you are running the minecraft server from

Your minecraft server is running on another computer or server

  1. You will have to edit the config file webapi/config.conf and set host="", this will make it so that you can connect to the AdminPanel from other computers aswell.

  2. Reload the webapi plugin using sponge plugins reload, or restart your minecraft server

  3. You should now be able to access the AdminPanel on your server, to do this you need to know the IP/URL of your server.

    For example, if your server is running at then you will have to open the web page:

    If your server has a domain name, for example my.mc-server.com, then you can use that:


For some reason all it does following your instructions directly leads to this.

I have forwarded the ports on the server accordingly. The server is in a non restricted directory.

Some more info server is running
Windows 2012 r2


For anyone in the need of support I have set up a discord server that you can join with this invite link or you can directly message me @ Valandur#3581