Welcome to Sponge!


Excellent work so far! Nice forum by the way. :slight_smile:


Loving the forums and the layout they provide, thanks to everyone involved in setting them up and long live sponge!


A week or two ago it was just a little idea and now there already is a forum and so much other stuff! … wow nice!


looking forward to what this great team can do to keep the community alive !


Looking forward to it :smile:


It looks great! Glad you chose discourse, hopefully we can make it look a little more spongy :slight_smile:


Great work! Keep the train going!


A new beginning!


Here we go again!


Looking forward to this :slight_smile:


Nice :smile:


I’m with you guys! :slight_smile:


:smile: Can’t wait

*Only thing I’m not keen on is Discourse, seen it used before makes my head hurt :stuck_out_tongue:
Would’ve preferred something like NodeBB :wink:


Very nice! :smiley:
You guys do a great work.


Lets see how this goes.


Good luck, Spongefolk. Thank you for taking up the mantle.


Hi there. This community is now prioritized in terms of which ones I usually stick around. I can tell it has quite a bit of potential (also probably because of many famous faces that are working on it).

When I find some extra time, I will surely contribute to the project!

Thanks for innovating something new and revolutionary. :slight_smile:


Thanks to all contributors, you guys rock!


A big compliment to all project starters!

We have a movement. ^^


You are one magnificent bastard. Loved this hahaha.