What does your desktop look like?


So I played around with Rainmeter and such, quite love the result.

With Fences

Without fences (The background changed -.-)

I’m loving my desktop :slight_smile:


The Program that show this kind of stuff is Called Rain meter
The Skin i use on it is : Galaxy Suite


I have that as part of a show on my desktop at work…

this is my home desktop



Every computer I get I make it a mess



Can worser :blush:



How do you live with yourself.


Very well, actually I mostly work in documents and use the desktop for junk :wink:.


I’d turn my computer on and instantly off if I was you :wink:


Awww hell yeah I love these threads, slightly disapointing lack of non mac 'nix type OS though :confused:

Damn no perms to upload images yet - Imgur

OldSchool 4:3 monitors ftw

EDIT: Uploaded Image


That second background image… so deep.


haha yeah, It gets a little creepy after a while, especially when you minimize what ever’s on that monitor expecting a nice Unreal logo or anime girl riding on the back of a giant tiger,


Mine’s so messy. D:


Wow… that taskbar/hotbar thingy :stuck_out_tongue:


Overstuffed, I know. That’s why I turn “hiding” on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Changed my background as the autumn weather moves in.


@Moparx What desktop is that? Do I see irssi on the right? :smiley:

@knagieknagger I guess you really love NodeJS? That are many VMs… What program do you use for virtualization?

@Konkz Why is everyone using fences now? I didn’t know it’s actually so popular :smiley: (I use it too).

@thomas15v Man, that desktop is… Is it a technique to stop strangers from spying you? :stuck_out_tongue:

@ColonelHedgehog Indeed. How can you find anything in your dock/taskbar?

@tmad40blue I’ve never seen such a clean desktop… That’s maybe because I don’t know that many people which use Mac :smile:


@GameplayJDK: Magnification. :smiley:


How can one be so unorganized x.x


All my files are organized elsewhere.


I’d post mine but cause i am a new user it wont let me lmao