What does your desktop look like?


Lousy resolution :frowning:


I put a description here:


:stuck_out_tongue: Good enough for me eh


custom dwm is the WM.


Best city in the world anybody?




Here’s my new desktop (with OS X Yosemite). I love hedgehogs. :3


Ici c’est Paris (this is Paris) banner for PSG




He’res work:

Maybe you can convince me to do my other 5 machines when I get home :stuck_out_tongue:


The side buttons are for (in order), Google Chrome Canary, Folders (opens explorer basically), Minecraft, a link a webgame, and a link to reddit.

Of course this is with Rainmeter, and the background automatically cycles in a giant folder of minimal backgrounds.


Here is my beautiful customized desktop.


Ill port a link to mine b/c aparently im a (quote on quote) “new user” and i cant (qutoe on quote) “upload images”…
(i kid, i kid, :slight_smile: )


Oh… loophole! send dropbox links and it renders the pic!


Bit messy haha

My desktop is NEVER up. I always have at least 2 windows active on each monitor.


Me desktop :3

Got to love 39



My OSX Yosemite version:


what rainmeter skin do you use for your side buttons?


It’s a custom one, but if you want I could share it.