What does your desktop look like?


Well, I should sometimes close some windows but anyway 8GB Ram is enough for that =D
http://prntscr.com/5b20my (Sorry, unable to post image directly).


How did you get that? I really like that theme :wink:


Well… My desktop is not clean… Meh…

Very messy desktop!
Such fence much dock Wow!
Such res!


its not ^that, so i’m fine


Hey I cleaned it up :smiley:.




Isnt that off of Novaskin?
My friend showed me that and he said he found it on Novaskin, aparently you can put what-ever skin you want in them.


Yeah. The stuff on there is pretty sweet


Minimalism? Nah, This is minimalism:-

Ubuntu 14.04 + i3 with this config (No that isn’t me)


Here is my desktop :slight_smile: Watch_Dogs <3

btw. the minimalismest desktop ever: error.404{desktop:not_found}


terminal minimalism. :slight_smile:


You run vista? HOW?!?!?!?!?!


I don’t like it when my desktop gets too clean :wink:


It’s 7, not vista, and it’s my workstation at my place of employment.
At home I run 8 (for steam), and various flavors of linux (for everything else :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Where’d you get that desktop background? Wannttttt


I see a lot of Windows, which makes me sad… :disappointed:

Sadly, I am using Windows too. (Switching over to Linux soon)

Windows version: 8 update 1 using Snowy theme


Edit 1: No longer use Windows!


Got myself a new desktop. :smile:
Still minimalistic but oh well.


that desktop is 2sp00ky4me


I continue to use windows(7) for the time being



This is mine (need to get rid of some crap, eventually):