What does your desktop look like?


I had the same background!!!


I don’t think I’ve seen Chrome OS yet on here, so:


Yay, someone else uses Atom!


I’ve seen that exact background in an Android app called Facets.

Edit: Here’s the actual download link http://www.facets.la/2014/339/


After searching that site a bit, I found this:

I made that my new desktop.


Here’s mine:


Deal with it.


I’ve already posted my desktop but in the meantime I got a new pc with a different screen resolution, so here it is :slight_smile:


I feel as if I have used that background before!


Reminds me of this.


This is my new desktop. I use windows, and rainmeter! :heart:

Main monitor:

Right Monitor:


what what meters do you use? Love the background by the way :heart_eyes:


Hi all these posts r amazing


@Enter_ I use Enigma. Still trying to customize it to my liking though! :smiley: Here is a link to my wallpaper, Enjoy!



Oh god…
My arch linux vm isnt that bad. mainly because I don’t use it for anything yet and I just installed it 2 days ago.

My crazy messed up ubuntu installation with xfce is pretty bad… :smiley: here it is:
But then my mac os comes in… it has a lot just on the desktop itself, and it has a folder called ‘desktop clutter’ which has stuff that used to be on my desktop, and in that folder, there is another folder called desktop clutter with even more junk in it. And then another one in that folder. And another one in that folder. I think thats all the desktop clutter folders I have on my mac os, at least FOR NOW!!! >:D


Updated mine with a much cleaner look :slight_smile:


Loving the portal theme.