[API 7.0.0] 🌲 TreeDestroyage 14-DEV


also tried that.
even tried with default config and i dont believe it was working. not for 1.10.2 atleast with the latest version of this.


The 5.0.0 builds are not operational in 5.2.0. Would you be so kind as to update it?


not available in stable 1.12.2 API7.1


I did a very quick update to API 7 the author could merge if they wish as a pull request here.


Thanks for this! Quite busy at the moment. The newest build available on Jenkins at https://ci.mineguild.net/job/TreeDestroyage%20(Sponge)/42/ is compatible.


I need help with setup. it is my first sponge server and i do not know how to make this plugin work.

i have no idea how to add premision and probably it is my problem

i tried to paste into server console


but it says ther is no such command

how do i add premision for this to work ?
i do not have any premmision plugins .


You need a permissions plugin such as LuckPerms to add Permissions, it’s essential for 95% of plugins to function correctly. Once you have installed it, you can use /lp group <groupName> permission set treedestroyage.reload.


lp group <groupName> permission set treedestroyage.reload true
You have to put TRUE so that you have the permission.
Or not necessary?


You don’t have to use true as it defaults to true when you use it.


default config nolonger generates correctly. http://prntscr.com/i7n6h1



ive noticed that it mess with player placed ones as well :/. can you make it so it sees player placed ones differently than a tree?


That would require me to track every tree that has been planted after world generation… Could be quite some data.
Probably using a SQL-DB would be the appropiate solution.
But would you really want to have every single tree thats grown after world creation not be usable with this?
You could also just allow players to protect their buildings from other players, which would include aforementioned trees.


The newest dev-version supports block-logging via an SQL backend, you can configure it in the config file (which is now in it’s own directory but should be migrated automatically)

Download is here:


what about the posibility of requiring a configureable lore tag somewhere in the lore (any line) to use ontop of having the permission so like something more like a fake enchantment line “&7Lumberjack I”


download links are not currently working, if anyone knows a working one please let me know! :slight_smile:


I compiled the version for you:



i love you, thanks