[API 7.0.0] 🌲 TreeDestroyage 14-DEV


Thank you for this report! I already fixed baseOnly, looking into the 2nd.
The 3rd “bug” is intentional because you can’t really place saplings on wood, and right now the algorithm only destroys upwards the inital log. This is for realism, although if you want I could also reenable this with a configuration option.

Also you made some very cool suggestions, I’ll try to implement as many as possible!

Making drops configurable is a little bit harder though, as I’d either have to manually remove the leaves and then I could spawn the according items. Problem is that I’d basically have to detect the leaves of the tree too, which might lead to the problem that it would destroy the leaves of other trees nearby. But I’ll look into it.


it would be cool :smiley:

And thanks for your hard work on this plugin :smiley:


Alright, newest dev version includes the “breakDownwards” option which should add the requested behaviour :slight_smile:
You’re welcome! I just sometimes don’t have that much that time because RL and stuff… But I try to keep this updated as well as possible :smiley:


Can you update this for API 4?


How make to work? Is not compatible with API 4.0?

I using the latest build #27.

EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tb0mypadeup0dyk/TreeDestroyage-0.8-DEV-API4.1.0-0-all.jar?dl=0


I will update this plugin as soon as possible, which should be within the next day or two.


Oh cool. Can you allow break the trees with hand too?


I can add that in a newer release. The newest version, Alpha 0.9 is for API 4.0.3.


Updated to 0.9a. Thanks to @TrenTech and @pie_flavor for the helpful suggestions.
Also added an explicit API 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT release.



Not sure if it’s just my permissions plugin (PermissionManager-1.2) but it looks like it does not like uppercase characters in the permission name. It seems to want to lowercase all letters in all permissions. Then since it gives the permissions that way to your plugin, the plugin does not seem to think i have the right permission set. I’ve been looking around and haven’t seen any other permissions using uppercase but I haven’t seen any specification that everything should be lowercase yet… but it’s getting late here. Just thought I would point it out! I’ll look into it more if I have some time.


is there an api 5.0.0 in the works ??


Definitely! I will also look into the permissions problem @nogasgofast mentioned.


Here’s a quick update I put together, which both adds support for API 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT and fixes the permissions issue by making them all-lowercase.
I will post it to the main thread once I have tested it a bit more.


just found out it was a bug in the permissions manager but have not tested to see if its fixed. should have that done today.


is there a way to set it to use all axes ?



You only need to find the configuration file and add the others.


Will this wonderful plugin be updated? It is no longer operational, at least with the the Sponge 7 builds.


Took me a while but this updated version should work, provided you still need it.


will it work on 5.0.x still? when trying to use
/treedestroyage:trds set items pixelmon:thunder_stone_axe

it says value of wrong type!


I haven’t yet tested modded items with this mod. Let me try, I will report back.
Edit: Try setting the value in the configuration file.