Bardic Extrapolation (Rime of the Ancient Sponge)


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Riddle of the River

Mere mist gives way to rain
Mud a minor impediment
Captured in nooks of terrain
Subtly shifting the sediment

We often redirect the flow
By drain, canal and culvert
Harnessed by humans to show
Natural forces we subvert

Technology has it’s limits
The weather calls our hubris
At the limit of our wits
We cannot control all this

Cascades coalesce together
The torrent’s power is shown
The riddle of the river:
Water is stronger than stone


<Blue Fred> you should update this to add 1.13 features eventually
<LanToaster> ... 1.13 isnt even out yet.

Incompatible? Inconceivable!

Hacking the configuration
To fit in all the content
Not without trepidation
Like skating on wet cement

Naked lands, too many trees
Biomes missing characteristics
Misnamed items in the squeeze
Villagers become statistics

Lost in the ebb and flow
Conflicted notions set free
A realisation you don’t know
How it was supposed to be