Block getting "ghosted"


When i break blocks on my server than i go for a bit and after return where I broke the blocks, they get like “ghosted” they are blocks that aren’t real blocks and clicking right click updates them and they disappear
I have a modded server with a pack called “GelidCraft” on Twitch launcher + sponge forge with some plugins:
Admin Shop, Broadcast, BuycraftX, Catclearlag, Command Signs, Grief Prevention, holograms, Luck Perms, MMCReboot, NoXray, NPCs, projectportals, ServerListPlus, Tab Manager, Sign Editor, Total Economy.
Version: 1.10.2
It is managed with McMyAdmin and i regulary do /unloadchunks (CatClearLag command) and reboot every 12h with MMCReboot.
I can’t find a solution anywhere.
Pls Help!


What was the solution? I am not having the same issue, but others might, so it would be very kind if you left it here for reference.


server drive was full he couldn’t write down files