bPermissions or alternative?


I am planning on making a modded server, and since cauldron isn’t a thing anymore, I was wondering if anyone had a version of bPermissions for Sponge or an alternative (not PEX). I found on the jenkins for bp a version named “bPermissions-Sponge-early-alpha-do-not-use.jar” It says “do not use”, but has anyone tried it? I like bP because it has the feature of doing quick changes in game with commands, unlike PEX which needs you to edit config.


I’d recommend LuckPerms over bPerms


Does LuckPerms have in-game commands like bPermissions, or is it entirely config file based like PEX?


Has a ton of in-game commands


Alright thanks, ill look into it.


I used to use bPerms, LuckPerms is a great replacement with even more flexibility then bPerms used to offer.


yeah, thanks, I decided to use it and like it.


Using LuckPerms as of yesterday, thought the learning curve would be steep but i find myself adding permissions in minutes.

ProTip: Parents are your best friend. once those are set, they save so much time.