BungeeCord Proxy - Worth it?


Alright so we have multiple FTB Modpack servers such as Beyond and Direwolf20. We’ve been discussing about Bungeecord and installing a proxy for them.

Therefore my question is simply… is it worth it?

The chat on all servers is neat. But wouldn’t the portal be somewhat useless since you’d have to relaunch the client to load the other mods hence can’t really go from Beyond to Direwolf20?

Would you HAVE to go thru the hub to connect to the other server (in other words would I be able to connect to beyond by subdomain : byd.servername.net and direwolf with : dw.servername.net or would I always have to connect on the hub first)?

I would love if someone could enlighten me the advantages of a proxy with modded servers and what you can do with it.

Thanks everyone!


Personally, I don’t think it’s all that worth it until you have some kind of vanilla server (creative, mini games or whatever), however if you can be bothered to create a hub server, it would be good for people joining from Vote sites etc who don’t realise it is modded, having trouble setting it up or just don’t know how to install the mods, etc. Would also be good for updates, restarts etc. - Gives your players somewhere to hang out while they wait. Parkour and stuff maybe.

To me, that’s not a good enough reason to make one, but it might be to you.

~ Alice


I’m not sure if I’d recommend it. BungeeCord is only useful if you intend to hop from server to server. If you’re running multiple modpack servers, then you probably wouldn’t get a lot of mileage out of it. If you do choose to have BungeeCord installed, then you can use the forced-hosts setting to allow things like dw.servername.net to still work.