Corinth Minigame Network | Hiring (at least) Two Developers


Server: this is a (still in development) mini-game server. The server is 100% custom. The games, backend, maps, and everything in-between has been developed in-house.
We are themed around Ancient Greek during the Roman Empire – roughly 30 – 60 AD.
Currently we have a few developers including a head developer as well as system admins and staff managers.

Work Needed
We need seasoned sponge developers who are willing to build either front-end and/or backend plugins as well as various games ranging from a small few week projects as well as some that may take several months depends on the size of specific job (obviously). That being said, if it is several months for a specific game or plugin we can talk milestones (incentives).

I do not have a set rate/budget but if you are interested we can work out cost. Once we come to terms you will be set up to access to our in-house repository and part of a very dynamic and talented team of developers.
I know that this is very vague, so if you need a number I will pay per project on your going rate. I would prefer that once you understand the job in detail to your satisfaction we come up with a flat rate.

If you are interested and hired you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) electronically. You will also need a mic, discord, and able to work well with a team. You will also be expected to meet deadlines and help as needed.
You will have to interview with the head developer and be prepared to show past work and explain some in-depth understanding in Java.

Discord: If you are a developer I would reach out to Ferus as he will be the one interviewing you. Any other matters you can reach out to me.

Head Developer: @FerusGrim#0001
Owner (me): @tmoflash#8470