DragonProxy - Connect to PC servers using Minecraft: Bedrock



I am here to tell you about a software / proxy called DragonProxy.

It is for Bedrock 1.2.7 and Minecraft 1.12.2. We may add backwards compatibility in the future.

Lead Developer: https://GitHub.com/DefinitlyEvil
My GitHub: https://GitHub.com/lukeeey
Source: https://GitHub.com/DragonetMC/DragonProxy

Download: still in progress :slight_smile:

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/CmkxTz2



  • Can see colours in chat and recieve chat
  • Can send chat


  • Run commands (Currently only /help and /stop)


  • Join the server with Minecraft: Bedrock 1.2.7
  • Join online mode (premium) servers
  • Join offline mode (cracked) servers


  • Walk around and view the world


  • Open chests
  • Display PC server count on Bedrock
  • Multi language support


VIDEO SHOWCASE: (for an old version) https://youtu.be/gh7HIoouS38

We are very pleased to announce that we now have multiple sponsors who will be credited on our new website when it comes out.

  1. https://alternos.org (Going to host us a server)
  2. https://shockbyte.com (not quite sure what they’re doing or if they just support the project)
  3. https://thebeasthosting.com (Website hosting)


Ohhh looks very nice


Ohh I love the thought of this! How's the process going? Is it a SpongeVanilla plugin or what type of Sponge will it need? When do you think you'll have it available for testing as well?


It isint actually a plugin, or anything to do with sponge. However it can allow an MCPE client to connect to a PC server, which includes sponge.

Also, one of the sponge admins seemed interested in the project and is currently on the #dragonet IRC channel on Esper irc


You can test it. Compile the source code or download from Circle CI. Run it for the first time then type stop and close the console window. Then edit config.properties, set offline more to false (do the same for the server) and start up again. Then join the proxy with an MCPE or Windows 10 client. We will fix authentication soon.


Now that's awesome. My servers running in offline mode for BungeeCord, would that affect you at all?


Having used this proxy, I can say that it's pretty impressive, though it certainly needs a few devs to lend a hand to get it past Alpha stage and into a usable product. Hopefully you'll get plenty of help from the Sponge community!


I also wish to see it the other way around. I want to play MCPE on my computer, I know, I know, it is possible with a Android Emulator etc... but come on guys. :blush:


There's windows 10 edition for pc...


Yeah... No, thank you.


i was thinking why you already didnt respond with that :stuck_out_tongue:


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@Owexz We aint getting much help from the sponge community... Its mostly just me mostly making commits as the leader DefinitlyEvil has a job



We have updated to MCPE 0.15.4 and we are no longer inactive! We have restarted the repo, no the project


I'd still like to make sure this is a thing? How's the progress on it? Still updating?


where can I download this? link is broken


Looking at this it’s either dead, or they have started from scratch.


Nope, it’s back and undergoing a refactor


oh cool I just saw this thread from Github traffics page.