🦅 Eagle Factions 🦅 (1.10.2-1.12.2) - A simple yet powerful war-plugin!


Do you have instruction on claiming lands and other factions?


Not yet.

It should be available in the next release.

I am very busy now but I will try to make it in this week. :smiley:



Thats awesome! I am really excited to get this up and going on my server!!! Is claiming other factions implemented?


It will be possible to “declaim” other factions lands but it is not implemented yet.


Have you seen a bug where it makes all your command blocks stop working?


A Bug? :hushed: No, I didn’t.


Its probably just my server. I have been having the command blocks be very unreliable since the beginning of using them on my server. Dont worry its probably not your plugin.


What’s the problem with them if I may ask? :thinking:


For some reason sometimes my command blocks and then all of a sudden they will stop working. As of yesterday they don’t work at all and still don’t. Also some times it doesnt work when a player out of creative activates the red stone triggering the command block. Just weird things like that. Im sure its not your plugin.


Strange :thinking:


Is there a way to make it so admins can enter factions claims when they are offline?


Hmmm… I think there is not. If “/f admin” does not help then I will add in the next version. :wink:


Eagle Factions - Update 0.9.4

Hello everybody! Sorry for so late update but I was very busy with my work and school.

I hope that today’s update will give you more options to customize your server as well as it will be easier for you and your players to use this plugin. :smile:

Take a look below to see what have been changed! :eyes:

Release Notes


  • Kick Command.
  • Attack Command (can be changed/replaced in the future).
    More informations about attacking other factions will be available soon on the wiki.
  • Option in config file for disabling claims connection.


  • /f help shows commands usage now.
  • /f help shows only commands which player has permissions for.
  • Last Played date shows now in better readable format.
  • If no player i specified in /p player command, then the player that used the command will be choosen.
  • Officers can now leave factions directly by typing /f leave.
  • How to accept an invite is now specified in the message a player recieves after getting an invitation.
  • Player is now correctly pushed back if it tries to enter an empty faction. (No more shaking)
  • Factions Admin Mode allows to enter to the factions lands even if players are offline.
  • Added a new page about claiming lands in the wiki.


  • Permission for Info Command is now correctly connected to the command.

Planned updates in the future:

  • Options for changing a wait time after attacking
  • One permission for Player commands and one for Admin commands
  • Custom ranks in factions
  • And many more…

Download available on GitHub

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! :eagle:


Hey do you plan to implement radius claims? Like you say /claim 30 and it will claim 30 chunks around you? That would be really usefull.


No. Not now anyway.

I may consider this and implement it in the future but I do not have such plans before 1.0.0 release.


Awesome work. Now all we need is some Anti-Cheat


Eagle Factions - Update 0.9.5 (Now even for 1.10.2!)

Hello everyone!

This is the first release for 1.10.2 version!
All features from 1.11.2 are available in 1.10.2. :smile:

Besides, this update contains some small fixes and some small new features.

I was planning about adding more in this update but sadly I had no time to do this.

Have fun with the version for 1.10.2!

Release Notes


  • Created 1.10.2 version!!
  • ReloadCommand (if you change something in a config file and don’t want to restart your server then you can simply use /f reload NOTE: Check out the wiki for the new permission)
  • Option for allowing or disallowing entering the SafeZone from the WarZone
  • Option for setting a player limit in factions.
  • Option for changing the amount of time that plyer needs to destroy a land.
  • Option for choosing what should be used as a prefix in chat. (tags or factions’ names)


  • No more case sensitivity! Characters case is ignored now. You can simply write myfaction instead of writing MyFaCTion
  • You can do much more things now with Admin Mode activated. Ex. Add an ally to the faction without sending an invite.
  • Default values are now written in the config file.
  • SafeZone’s claims and WarZone’s claims don’t need to be connected.
  • SafeZone and WarZone cannot be attacked now.
  • Removed debugging code from HomeCommand :smile:


  • Some misspelled words.

Planned updates in the future:

  • One permission for player commands
  • One permission for admin commands
  • Custom Ranks
  • Placeholders (faction’s tag will be shown before your nick in the TAB list)
  • One… mysterious… item… which will allow you to do something… in the enemy base… :eagle:
  • And many more…

Download available on GitHub

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! :eagle:


Eagle Factions - Update 0.9.7 (1.10.2-1.11.2)

Hello everyone!

This is a new 0.9.7 release of Eagle Factions! :eagle:
Check out release notes below to know what has been added/improved! :smile:
Wiki will be updated as soon as possible!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Release Notes


  • Creating factions by items! It is now possible to create factions by using items. Simply turn this feature on in config file and add as many different items as you want the player will need to create a factions. Items will be removed from player’s inventory after creating a faction.
  • Chat Command! Players are now able to switch to internal faction chat by typing /f chat.
    It is possible to specify which chat you want to join by directly typing /f chat alliance. (direct switching is not implemented in 1.10.2!)
  • Top Command! Shows top 10 factions according to theirs power.
  • SetLeader Command! You can set someone as leader now! (It will remove you from being a leader!) Useful if you are planning to leave the game and want to give the leadership to someone else.
  • You can prevent Leader and Officer rank before showing in the chat by chaning a node in config file.


  • :eagle: BRAND NEW FEATURE IN MAP COMMAND! :eagle: It is now possible to claim lands by clicking on the map while viewing faction’s map. Go ahead and check this out! :smile: (Be wary of spamming)
  • Command Usage is now shown for the player if bad arguments/parameters are provided.
  • SafeZone blocks now every possible damage. Including fire, fall etc.


  • Player Command. There was a bug where player that was targeted got the message instead the player that used the command.

Download available on GitHub

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! :eagle:


Hello, I really like your work on this plugin. However I’m looking for version 1.12.2 will it be available very soon? Thank you ! :blush:


@ku3ntin Yes, I will release it as soon it will be possible. :grin:
I will start working on it when I recover from illness. :slight_smile: