Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


Thank you for the update! I have however noticed an issue after testing the in-game ticket system. Im not sure if this is just on my server / ticket module etc as i have not done much testing. Im not really sure how to fully test it honestly.

Whenever the ticket is submitted, it will produce a NPE, I have a pastebin of the debug output of the ticket command and the enjin report output.

Ticket: http://pastebin.com/vNKxeyuL
Report: http://pastebin.com/eyEgdXMi


I’m running a pixelmon server which is sponge 4.2.0 and it crashes because the update is 5.0.0


Use 3.0.12 version - that’s the version that is for API 4


Is anyone else also having problems with vote registering? NuVotifier sees the votes and player gets in game rewards from VoteRight but sometimes it doesn’t count for topvoter. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it.
I’m on API 4 btw, so will it be fixed after I update?


Does 3.0.12 add PermissionManager support? That’s the conversation I’m having.


Latest version supports PermissionManager. At the moment it’s not on my priority to-do list to backport to 4.x. If I get around to it then it will be announced in our change log and updated on our title, but until then the only foreseeable changes are bug fixes for the current platform until it’s closer to stabilizing.


Dang, pixelmon doesn’t even have a beta version for minecraft 1.9.4 guess it’s back to PEX after all


Sponge does not support 1.9.4 anymore, nor are there any plugins available for that version. Update to 1.10.2


Oh, I see 5.0.0 is in 1.10.2 also, I thought it was only 1.9.4


Yeah, if you’re able to update to the 1.10.2 version of pixelmon you should be able to use PermissionManager with the latest version of EMP, otherwise you’ll need to use PermissionsEx since that was the only supported plugin in the last 4.x compatible EMP.


I’ve already switched over to PEX again. the 1.10.2 version of pixelmon is in beta and average players don’t even know how to get it so it wouldn’t be a viable solution. What I’ve done is just switch everything over to PEX and leave permissionmanager setting in place also, so now I can just switch back and forth when 1.10.2 is released. Thank you for updating it though, I’ll be able to use it when pixelmon updates.


Pixelmon BETA in 1.10.2 is viable and arguably stabler than the last recommended version - 4.2.7. If you are having issues with it, you can get help in our Discord. It is also supported in our Pixelmon Launcher, meaning that your average players (who should be able to follow an installation guide) can fetch it pretty easily. Again, if you are experiencing issues, you can let our Support team know.


I’ll look into providing support for 4.x, but I just can’t guarantee when.


It’s ok, I can just wait till pixelmon updates. PEX just has some weird issues with being unable to differentiate between username and UUID and messes up their ranks. I think I found a work around to that though.


I have the latest version of the launcher and I don’t see 1.10.2, it stops at version 4.2.7 which is minecraft 1.8.9


No, the BETAs are in the ‘Beta’ category. You can see what it shows here, when you create a new profile.


I don’t have that list. I must have a old version of the launcher that doesn’t want to update.


I often see this in consol

EnjinMinecraftPlugin/sponge]: Rank updates configuration did not load properly.

What’s causing it?




Usually implies that GSON failed to parse the rank updates json configuration file and convert it to an object. I’m considering looking into alternative libraries because I honestly don’t see why GSON is struggling with such simple json files.

Thanks, I will take a look and see what the cause is.