Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


No, head signs are for site related stats. I disabled the plugin stat tracking (e.g. foot distance traveled, creeper explosions, etc). This wasn’t really enabled on the sponge plugin as it was, but there were some things that I commented out to make sure it was completely disabled.


Can you also change the buildscript to make the jars contain the version number :)?


Any chance of the buy gui working in the near future?


@VinceOrlando As far as I’m aware the inventory api isn’t complete nor working in Sponge. Until there is a working API for custom inventories I can’t implement this feature.

@KasperFranz We don’t add the version number to the jar name. If you really need to see the version you can reference the mod info file in the jar.


It is mostly to make it easier to use wget and keep versioning (Without having to do another param to it) - it is mostly to make it easier for server admins (+ everyone else is doing it ;))


Pretty sure there is, or close to it. A couple of plugins already have custominventories such as RedProtect:


@KasperFranz It’s not my decision to make. The web staff have their own way of organizing versions on our web server and I only format the names as how the CTO asks me to.

@VinceOrlando I’m not sure what method they are using, perhaps @Inscrutable could fill us in on whether the custom inventories api is complete or not.


Custom chest inventories are fully functional at this point. Anvil inventories and other types of custom inventories are not completely implemented or working…


Alright, thanks for the info. I’ll take a look into adding support for the gui feature after I’ve finished up the major api refactor I’ve been working on.


I am aware it isn’t your decision - I am just raising the point (again) that it would make it easier for everyone :).

Custom inventories is quite easy to do now :)!


@KasperFranz If it helps we have links formatted as such:

So changing the names would really just be counterproductive when we already have a url format that is dependent on the version really. Hope this helps none-the-less.


@Favorlock that is true - but as said earlier it would still be easier with it in the name so you don’t have to do wget with another paramater.


It seems that commands only fire for me when the player comes Online.

However I have set it in the store to fire without the player having to be online. Is this a bug with the plugin? Because I really need this to work and it hasnt worked since I’ve started using this Enjin plugin. (which could be 4+ months)

Can there come a hotfix for this to actually work again or am I doing something wrong here?
Here’s how I set it up


@KasperFranz Official word from my manager is that changing the names is not something they will be able to do. So you will have to continue on as you have been.

@Whazaaaaa You will need to submit a support ticket. They will ask for any appropriate information needed to diagnose the issue and determine whether it’s an issue with your setup or the plugin.


Anyone else not able to create an /enjin report?


Same here, as well as it will error when it pushes updates between signs and the website as well.


@Whazaaaaa @VinceOrlando I’d appreciate if you send a support ticket to us so we can ask for additional information. I honestly can’t fix something just based on the behavior described really.


Created a support ticket probably a month ago. Which also explains I cant do /enjin report but the last I got as response was ‘you installed it incorrectly’. I’m not sure how you can ‘install’ a sponge plugin incorrectly. As its as simple as putting the jar in the correct folder. Still awaiting response on my last email I sent back in hopes chris will look into the issue(luckily they usually get answered pretty quickly :slight_smile: ).
Mainly asked it in here to know if its something with me or also others. And it seems I’m not the only one.


you mean something like this?


I dont even get the message “Unable to write Enjin debug report”
I get this lovely message in the console…