Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


my console gets flooded every 5seconds with this https://pastebin.com/8GnPj7Ez but it wont log it int eh latest logs for some reason. idk what is up with enjin lately.


@Khaoz @VinceOrlandoI have patched the code in error. There should no longer be an error related to signs when serializing in the next update.

@Whazaaaaa has confirmed that a patch I made to the report command has resolved the report failing to generate issue.


Version 3.2.0 released

  • Implement new report generation method
  • Fix report failing to generate
  • Fix NoSuchElementException in SerializableLocation#toLocation
  • Fix commands not executing when player is offline

Download Enjin Plugin v3.2.0


Is there any sort of random feature for the rewards in the voting section. Like be able able to set a rewards chance to x/100?



I looked around for somewhere to post issues/ suggestions, but couldn’t find anything, so I’ll just put it here.

A few things:

  • Rank/ Tag checks for new players; once a new player joins, it would check to see if the user is already tagged on the website and added corresponding ranks to the user.
  • Multiple servers per tag; Currently you can only have one server per tag, this is causing me to have 3 tags for the same rank (Example).
  • Offline support for tags/ ranks; With the current version of Enjin for Sponge, if a player gets a new tag on the website when they are offline on the server (but have joined the server before), they often don’t get their ranks, this has been problematic for donators and automations.
  • Discord Modules; This is just a light suggestion, I don’t expect this to be added, but would be nicer than using a HTML module for Discord as it adds a border (Example).

If the first 3 get addressed, I will be forever grateful, I’ve been using Enjin for 3 years now for my community, I automate all my ranks through the Enjin plugin so these few things have become an irritation, and as we expand this will become more of an issue.

Many thanks,

Alice Sellars


Those are actually a very nice idea. If we are up for suggestions, being able to search the wiki module for keywords would be neat . Generally though, it is hard to navigate, and does not offer nice direct links for pages/wiki categories.


You will need to submit a support ticket (https://www.enjin.com/support) as this thread is only for the plugin, of which none of your suggestions are currently possible with the way the web api works as far as I’m aware.

Evan Lindsay
Enjin Minecraft Plugin Developer


Thank you, I assumed the tickets were only for actual issues, not suggestions or improvements.


Getting this spam after I updated to the latest SpongeForge 1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2379

I’d love a fix asap. Or am I in the wrong here?


I am also getting a similar error with the Scheduler - https://pastebin.com/MV7yViQ2


This is very bad seeing as items donated for on my website dont go through anymore. And downgrading to a previous spongeforge version is not a good option to solve this seeing as updates tend to fix worrysome issues. @Favorlock please fix asap.

EDIT: Seems that donated items still go through luckily. It does seem to take a bit longer or maybe its always been a bit slow I dont know.


Enjin Minecraft Plugin (Sponge) 3.2.0 works fine on SpongeForge API 6.1 build 2378
(At least it doesn’t throw any errors during server start…)


I will take a look soon.


Still have got this problem and its very annoying


Question. If one was to install the bungeecord version, does that person still need to install the platform version (sponge, spigot, bukkit), too?


@Favorlock Will this be fixed anytime soon? Or is there a new version I dont know about?
It also seems that this console spam means that the issue I had a while back with commands that dont require a player to be online are broken again.

EDIT: example of the spam - https://pastebin.com/ewqeNLGs


Not until I can find some time to do so. I’ve been extremely busy with other things lately.


The only thing wrong with the donation store part of enjin is the fact that there is no inventory gui.



When will this be ready for Minecraft 1.11.2?


I’ve tested with 1.11.2 and it worked just fine… Why do you think it doesn’t work on 1.11.2?