Enjin CMS + DonationCraft Plugin [v3.4.3] API [5.x, 6.x, 7.x]


SimpleVotifierListener adds a /vote command.


The playerstats command is not working. Running /enjin playerstats Name
Says invalid player can not be found even when they are online
Version 3.0.14


Enjin site simply will not sync the website ranks to the game we are running the latest version of sponge and permissionsex 2.0 nor can players open support tickets from within the game. We can only respond to them if the ticket has already been opened

From what i have tested the server can see the site tags on the enjin site but the enjin site cannot sync with the server. We are running the ultimate plan website also.


@Michael_Ware I will look into that when I have time. If I remember correctly though we disabled stat support due to some issues. Can’t remember exactly.

@Bubbles You made sure to give players the “enjin.support” permission right. Regarding your other issue I highly recommend submitting a support ticket as they can better diagnose the issue and ask for appropriate information to assist you further.


@Favorlock I am an admin on the server with all permissions and the support ticket did not work but still says you do not have access to create this ticket. now i am unsure if this is caused by the site unable to sync with the server properly as the server can see tags associated to my enjin account but the sites not syncing.

We have sent a support ticket in to enjin we included the Enjin report and even the latest Enjin logs. I am unsure if vault is still required as it was required for the bukkit version and since i believe there is no vault ported to sponge at this time I am assuming it is not required


Vault doesn’t play in role in the sponge plugin, so if you’re using the latest PEX it should detect permissions properly. I did come across a similar ticket for bukkit. You’re getting something like “No access to submit tickets” correct? I’m thinking this may be some web api issue as the ticket creation was working fine last time I had worked on it, so perhaps they changed something and failed to notify me. If I get any news from the web devs regarding this issue I’ll let you know, in the meantime I’m just having them look into it as the api requests appear to be correct from based on that other support ticket I came across.


@Favorlock Thats correct that is the message i get when trying to submit a ingame ticket Do not have access to submit tickets. We have the permissions for it set properly and running the latest development build of PEX


@Chrisb @Favorlock (hopefully mentioning the devs)

On my server forge 1.10.2 with Sponge adding the Enjin plugin brings idle CPU (no players) from 0% to 90%.

I can reproduce this every time, so if you have any timings requests I can send you, just tell me what to profile.


I’d just recommend providing timings of whatever you can that might point out what is causing the problem. I frankly don’t know of anything specific we can ask you to profile.


It seems performance is currently doing okay but I get many errors in the console:

 CONSOLE: value present```

with the `enjin-minecraft-plugin-S-52` counting up rapidly. How can I enable it to show the whole error?


Not sure, it should show. Perhaps Sponge is hiding the errors that occur in a task.


I was searching everywhere but all error options are not working…


Can we get PermissionManager support? 🔑 PermissionManager [v3.0.1] [API 5.X] A simple and easy permission plugin
That would be awesome! Thanks.


Been changing and experimenting with the enjin plugin and different versions when running PermissionManager. Sometimes it says the server is online in the status dropdown module editor it says (ON), but then when you see the module on the home page it’s down. Now it’s back to (OFF). I have no idea what’s going on. It seems weird that I would be able to pass all the debug reports and visit the donation shop in-game, but nothing else works.


We are having a problem with EMP and permissionmanager as well.


Here is a pastebin that shows in startup.


PermissionManager v2 doesn’t work with Enjin currently. We are waiting an update from their plugin to support the new version of PermissionManager.


We are aware the plugin is currently incompatible. I will be working on fixing this soon. Currently just been a little busy.


Is this opensource? If not, are you willing to give someone access in order to create a backport of your fixes to Sponge 4.x.x It’s creating a lot of issues for older servers that either can’t or won’t update to 1.10 yet for various reasons.


Unfortunately no, I’ve talked with the higher ups on numerous occasions and they say they don’t feel open-sourcing the plugin. I’ll think about ways I can potentially implement 4.x support without maintaining a separate branch (if possible), however, my priority is maintaining the plugin at the latest sponge version.


Alternatively someone will likely just decompile it, make it work better and post it somewhere