GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


New to the forum so I'm not sure I'm putting this in the correct place.

I have a pixelmon server with GP set up. Players are not able to battle pokemon in admin protected areas and I'm having a difficult time figuring out how to rectify this. Anyone out there have any advice for me?



Yes, it's the protection customizing I'm having an issue with... I'm trying to allow all players to interact with pokemon, battle each other, use containers, PCs and healers.. but so far, I can't figure out how to allow people to do any of that.. /containertrust seems like it SHOULD let people into chests, but players on my server are informing me that they cannot use them.


Having multiple console crashes on the following versions:

SpongeForge 2035
GP 223


How do I disable placing item frames or placing items in them? Tried block-place, interact-item-secondary, interact-inventory, interact-entity-secondary, interact-block-secondary, item-use.


I can't stress this enough...

MAKE sure you are running LATEST GP, SF, and LuckPerms. You should have no issues when you do this. GP also has a complete wiki here

Any other questions can simply be asked in GP's discord channel


Needed entity-spawn,minecraft.itemframe...

Last two times I've tried updating my GP, got buggy versions that didn't work even though I set up proper flags, and more used to permissionsex than luck perms (when I tried it, their migration command didn't work properly)

Would much rather stick to versions on mods I know are working properly in my world, than update and risk getting a bad version that's stressful for me and users in my server.


If you do not update, you will not be supported. It is as simple as that.


Just to know for the future then, what flag would I use for item-frames with latest version of gp? To disable placing them.


interact-item-secondary for preventing placing of them. interact-entity-secondary for preventing interaction with them(placing items inside). Keep in mind that the id's for both flags are different as one deals with an item and the other deals with an entity.

For interact-item-secondary, you need to use minecraft:item_frame
For interact-entity-secondary, you need to use minecraft:itemframe


Does latest version work well with permissionsex? Or has it just been tested with luck perms?


PEX has a few issues that still need to be fixed. I recommend migrating to LuckPerms if you want to avoid any issues with GP.


Hello, i have some issues trying to enabled pvp with your plugin.
I have done the following:

and in config i have following

Also i read in your topic multiple times theres a /pvp command
But when i do that nothing happens and when we fight (adminclaims/claims/wild)
It says that Player is in a PvP free zone.

How would i enable this please?
Thanks in advance!


You need to make sure PvP is enabled in sponge's global config. GP just uses whatever the world is set to then allows you to override that setting on a claim by claim basis. If you want to override PvP setting, you need to use /claiminfo then click Admin Settings.


@blood thank you that was the info i needed about the claiminfo
works like a charm now.


Pixelmon Grief prevention:
how do i enable pixelmon battles within a claimed area? i cannot find a config for it and it seems to be grief prevention related



Hue, run into problems with old version (seems that gp was writting json files incorrectly, having problems loading them afterwards.. or maybe not related to gp, but somehow json files got messed up and going through the files found inconsistencies...).

Could you tell me what issues GP is having with PEX? Seems like I'll need to update my GP and want to know what's the problem with PEX, to see if it's something avoidable.


Hi, I am trying to set up Grief prevention for a modded pixelmon server and I am getting two problems, One being players are unable to place blocks but they can break them in the Wilderness and I have checked perm nodes, configs, settings, etc and can't make heads or tails of it. If they claim a area then they can, and the other issue is players can battle/capture pokemon in claims but in the wilderness they can't do either. The server is 1.10.2 and is on sponge.

Global pastbin:
Dunno what other configs to check/share


@Zach_B I think your main problem in both cases are the flags, your config is merely(i assume) a global setting for your 3 claim types, but you have to build into that with flags (/cf) Blood made alot of adjustments for pixelmon to Griefprevention and your issue can certainly be fixed if you check out the page he linked 2 posts above, then click pixelmon. The blockbreaking etc is the same probably, also a flag you need to put properly.