GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


how do I allow players to pick up pokeball loot on pixelmon? its a pokeball on the floot in the wild that holds loot


When people try to use a warpplate (pixelmon) they dont work in an adminclaim land so do i need a flag that I don't know?


Hi I run a pixelmon server where spawn rates r a lil higher then normal but in some claims they spawn alot is there any way to stop wild pixelmon from spawning in these areas without stoping players from throwing there pokemon out to battle


Read the pixelmon section on wiki


Use the collide-block flag or give them accesstrust


/cf entity-spawn pixelmon:animal false

Make sure you are using latest GP, LP, and SpongeForge


Make sure you are using LuckPerms as other perm plugins have issues. Also update to latest GP and SF


Asked before, but didn't get a reply. How would I trust all builders to my admin claims.
Would it be griefprevention.admin.claim.command.admin-mode ?


When I use a command of GP on my modded server I constantly receive null error...
I'm using spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1762, permissionManager-2.5.1-API-4.2.0 & griefprevention-1.8.9-

Other sponge plugins that I use:
BuycraftX, CommandKits-v1.2.0, CustomChatCommands, EasyScoreboards, FastAsyncWorldEdit-forge189-16.12.03-57d41ae-406-9.12.30, foxcore-0.10.0-api4-187-server, foxguard-0.20.0-api4-335-plugin, helptickets-5.0.0-2.0.1, holograms-v1.1.3-for-api-v4.1.0, JobsLite-4.1.0-1.6.3, LandProtect-3.4.0, Nucleus-0.15.0-S4-1.8.9-plugin, PlotSquared-Sponge, projectinventories-4.2.0-0.6.1, projectportals-4.2.0-0.11.4, projectworlds-4.2.0-0.9.4, RedProtect_Sponge-6.4.9-b2, ServerListPlus-3.4.7-Universal, SignEditor, SpongyChest-1.8.9-0.4.7-universal, TotalEconomy-v1.4.1 & worldedit-forge-mc1.8.9-6.1.1

I hope you can help me...
Thanks in advance & regards!

PS: Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native languaje :stuck_out_tongue:


hey there,

is it possible that fire-spread doesent work? i have set to false but its burns in and out from claims :frowning: i use luckperms and last sponge for 1.10.2


Use /gamerule doFireTick false

I'll fix fire-spread soon but the above should work.


Just use 'public' if you want all players.

/trust public


I want builders to access all admin claims, think /trust group just trusts them to a single claim :?


Will this be fixed with PEX anytime soon? Constantly getting the "Wilderness Admin" error.


I use LuckPerms and i have a group called "Players"
How can i trust this group to my claim?


Is Restorenature still being worked on?


I want to use this plugin as my protection plugin because it works really well but when i have like 5 claims at all the server gets lagg spikes so how do i get rid off the spikes?


How do you give the public accesstrust to a claim now? Every time I try /accesstrust public it just gives the player PUBLICxH3RO access instead.


Also how do you block a command with multiple arguments using command-execute? For example how would you block /breed 1 1?


is there a flag to stop players from jumping on farmland and changing it into dirt?