GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


Hello, is there a way to remove the claim spawn? I’m trying to create a subdivision in an existing claim, but I’m not allowed to because there is a [spawn] claim in the middle of the claim I want to modify even though I’ve set my claim spawn in a different location of the claim. Any help? I don’t want to remake my existing claims. If there is a way to import the claims so I can start again, that be a great alternative.


hey, I’m having some problems whit the GriefPrevention plugin, I cant seem to get it to only do the block claim based on a 2d that would claim from bedrock to sky limit as right now a 10x10 claim wants 50k blocks when it should be 100 blocks and the claim shovel is rather spammy, is there a way to put a delay on it so that it dose not instantly post the info ever time you scroll over?


You need to read the wiki as it explains exactly how to migrate to later builds.


Prompt please. How to make players invulnerable in the region?


I can’t resize admin plots after setting them it just give me this error over and over

And it doesnt save the claim mode. Is this on purpose?


On our server we have recently run into a problem regarding the saving off our claim flags.

We will set up group flags in an admin claim such as

/claimflaggroup trainer enter-claim minecraft:player false

and everyone works well. Players trainers cannot enter and everyone else can. The problem appears when the server crashes or restarts. Everytime it stops everything seems to be reversed. Trainers can now enter but no one else can.

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated and I am completely willing to further describe and provide more details if necessary.


The download link does not appear to be working.


Ok @blood, here’s the problem:

In the wilderness, i have done
/cf projectile-impact-entity pixelmon:occupiedpokeball any true override
/cf projectile-impact-entity pixelmon:pokeball any true override

But inside the admin claim you still can’t throw Pokéballs at pokemon or toss your pokeball with your pokemon inside it at the target Pokémon!

In the wilderness, you can.


Unless it’s been changed, you need to do it in wilderness and override in both admin and player claims or the flags will not be set


I’ve done it as override in the wildernes.


And now I just go back on my server and everyone can break blocks when they couldn’t before. Great.



I 'm not sure but I think I have read something about that issue but I don’t remember where : (The first message appears when I configure a claim too big in basic mode, the second one in cuboid mode)

Can I set the same limitation for Coboid and Basic mode ? And how ? I’d like have the same message limitation in both modes. :blush:



I saw that option in global.conf

playerdata {

But I dont find playerdata options in world.conf

Is it possible to manage different “claim block system” per world, please ? :blush:

[post-edition : Oh I think I see ! Maybe by using the option system with permission system instead of using the config files. Is that true ? :thinking: Let’s try. :grin:]


Woooow ! I found config\griefprevention\lang folder ! Good idea ! :heart_eyes: I will translate in French as soon as possible and share.


I definitely see where your coming from, but I can back up this guy who you were replying to.


How do I set the accrued claim blocks for ALL players to 0? Also, how do I make it to where when all players first join my server they will start with a specified amount of claim blocks


Hey, spongeforge and gp no like each-other and are spamming console to infinity and beyond, any fix or something?


@ToastyNikk I had the same problem. Fix:
GriefPrevention requires a permission managing plugin to work properly. Therefore, you must install LuckPerms.
It is absolutely nothing to do with spongeforge and gp. It is because GriefPrevention lacks certain things it needs, and as spongeforge is the ultimate manager of all plugins, gp throws some errors to it as it is not working properly.


I use the commands :
/lp group builders meta set griefprevention.claim-create-mode 0 global world
/lp group builders meta set griefprevention.claim-create-mode 1 global world1

It does’nt work. Can you help me ?

“Global” is my server name :

“world1” is in my “world” directory.

I use default configuration. I juste changed use-global-storage=false in global.conf. And I restart server after changes.
What did I forget ? :tired_face:


Luckperms is installed and functioning, sorry I forgot to add that.