GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


The problem with your request is that GP Sponge is completely different do the original bukkit version in almost every way except naming and basic functionality, not to mention the fact that the APIs are vastly different and the majority of functionality would be impossible to implement without a large amount code that modifies the server code at which point you’re not even running Minecraft at all


is there a way to disable fall damage? because i dont know how to do that. or isn’t that possible?


/cf entity-damage minecraft:player false


Hello, i have GP on my server and for some reason the players can claim but the claim does nothing basically. people can still open their chests and can build on their land is there a fix for this or possibly a perm i cant find?


I have a problem with this mod in administrative areas. If you lift the block (button G), he disappears.


I need help, for some reason when i give accesstrust or containertrust it gives both and block breaking permissions which is really bad for me. how do i fix this. i have the latest version as well


also if there is a discord i can join please add a link to it


That link works for me, its ok we all have special moments


Hi, i did not find any way to define the destination for the spent money when buying claim blocks.
I am using EconomyLite and I like the virtual-account-feature.
so is there currently any way to accomplish that or do you like this idea and would implement it?


I saw that this has an ability to tax players, but didn’t see a lot of information about it also not a lot of configuration.

Wanted to know what would happen if someone doesn’t have enough money to pay the tax for their claim.

Also wondering if we could have settings to change how much is charged (right now there doesn’t seem to be a configuration for that, a configurable meta value would be nice), change how often it’s charged, and if the player has to be online or not to charge them.


Hey Leute ich bin bei sponge neu

wär cool wenn mich jemand dabei helfen könnte

bei der Voraussetzung brauche ich alle drei oder nur eins davon [LuckPerms 2.6k 2.16.79+ PermissionsEx 1.8.9 729 oder PermissionsManager]

diese Version besitze ich server 1.12.2

bin noch auf der Suche nach dem Shop und ein rank System. und ein Geldsystem
und am besten benutzerfreundlich. XD

wär super nett wenn mir jemand da ein paar Links geben könnte oder ein paar Tipps
und ganz doll vielen Dank im voraus^^


你好,当我把插件装在服务器运行时,发现他有一个严重的bug.其他方块在领地周围爆炸时虽然不会破坏方块但是会掉落方块,如果是钻石块的话 这将是一个多么危险的事情,并且例如使用IC2 的 采矿镭射枪 或者在机器爆炸的时候 会偶尔的把领地内的方块破坏掉。我非常喜欢你的插件 可惜!很遗憾,这个bug对我来说太严重了。bug插件版本: griefprevention-1.12.2-
Can you repair it, please?