[Issue] Issue when using sponge and mods with a lot of dimensions


When using sponge with Galacticraft + Extra planets + More Planets, the server run out of RAM (Even with the insame amount that is 512Go of RAM), or get a TickHandler Exception during worlds gen. So I decided to prevent them from loading at startup in the dedicated configs. Worlds did unload, even when using Galacticraft only, with the same amount of RAM…
I have presenlty removed Sponge from my server, waiting for a fix.
The version I use is 1.12.2, the stable recommended version, and latest version of all of those mods, which runs fine without Sponge. Also note that I did not install any plugin at the time, only LuckPerms and Nucleus, but removing did not change anything.

But, I wonder, would separating planets dim on differents physical servers help ? ( I use BungeeCord ), And, if yes, how to do it without skipping galacticraft animations ?

After 4h of generation, restarting the server everytime it crashes, I finally got it running and tried a rocket… ANd this happened (I closed the server to prevent it from crashing) : https://pastebin.com/7suP4pp6

I hope someone got a fix, else I may need to find an alternative for my use.