Long Term Developer Required - Block Logging


Hello folks

My community is very modded and non-pvp, non-grief. This means we require extensive block logging for dealing with grief. Sponge has had two decent versions of Block Logging plugins which I am aware of and have been used; Prism and AdamantineShield. Both of these projects are now, at least temporarily, abandoned by their authors. Both developers have stated that they are happy for people to fork and continue their work (https://gyazo.com/a336ec57c4a94dd250dd2486c9ffff3b.png + https://gyazo.com/383317e2f23fe1ffe7476612669467ed.png); and that’s where this thread comes in.

I’ve made this an open topic instead of just contacting a developer as there’s no decent way to commission this as it is a more long term project, as it is so huge. It will always be an on-going development.

Work Needed

I am looking for someone to complete their work (Prism or AdamantineShield, however I’d prefer AdamantineShield).

Features for the initial version must include:

  • Full block logging for vanilla and modded items and inventory.
  • Basic H2 database and purging.

Optionally, it would be good for rollbacks to be added, but only because I plan to keep it public and many people seem to want rollback support. However, I have no need for it.


My budget for the initial release of this project is $200. However that is negotiable.


The developer who takes on this project must complete it to my specifications via on-going development and bug fixes within 3 months (negotiable). Ideally, I’d like whoever takes on this project to continue working on it after that of their own free will, but as they say, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.


Discord: yepidoodles#5971 (please referance this post when messaging me)
Email: yepidoodles@live.com
Enjin: http://www.dragontechmc.com/profile/yepidoodles

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you’d like to help pay for the development of the plugin.


This post is strictly for finding developers. Discussions that do not directly relate to finding developers, or discussions that discuss specifics are not to occur here. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Just curious, what do you prefer in AdamantineShield?


Prism is an older plugin, ported from Bukkit, where as AdamantineShield was made specifically for Sponge. I also kinda know the developer. That’s pretty much all my reasoning, haha. I just prefer the plugin.


Prism v3 was written specifically for Sponge, though it was never as feature-complete as the bukkit versions. Not sure it’s worth anything now but there was an early attempt on inventory tracking and db purging, both should be available in the Prism repo if anyone decides to go that route.

I know the Prism dev ;p


Yep, in the end, it’s which ever the developer (if we get one) decides would be better/ easier for them. They’re basically the same plugin in the end.


Just so you know, $200 for 3 months of work is incredibly low. Suggesting that your project will take multiple months and then attaching a price tag that most developers would scoff at even working weekly won’t attract many people.

Simply not suggesting a price or time span would make this a lot more friendly imo.


I honestly have no idea how many hours of work it would take… I’m not a developer. But based on the fact that both plugins already have working builds, I believe that there should not be a significant amount of work to be done. I based my timespan on the fact that the developer would have other projects and would only be working on it part time around those projects, and that would be the time in which most issues would crop up.

I added the price and time span as a guide of what I believe it would cost. I added “Negotiable” to both to show I am flexible with them. But yes, it did cross my mind that it would put some off, but I am hoping to find a developer who wants to take this on long term of their own accord, the initial fee is more of an incentive than a payment.


As far as Prism goes, any competent developer would likely be able to get your “minimal” functionality done with a few days of effort.

For inventory logging they’ll need to listen for Sponge inventory events and follow the pattern set by existing listeners to create a new record. Prism already has write support for “item” data formats.

For purges, they can take the early work and build on to it. H2 likely doesn’t support async queries so the purge might need to happen on startup/shutdown.

Inventory rollbacks will be a bit more involved but regardless, they’re 1000x easier on Sponge than they were on Bukkit.


To be fair, they are actually offering 200$ for a small handful of features to be added onto existing open-source code. The 3 months period just sounds like a “you can take up to three months to do it”, which to be fair, isn’t needed. I’ve seen it work minimally with stuff like LookingGlass, from which AdamantineShield was initially derived from, with no need for 90 days.


Don’t think that was the point of what I really said, but okay.

The post doesn’t make it seem like they want a fork of an existing project anyway.


I did confirm this with yepi, it is intended as a continuation of the open-source plugins mentioned


This isn’t even really relevant


$200 is literally nothing for working on an existing codebase. You’re forgetting that a developer would have to learn the ins and outs of the codebase BEFORE they could even begin implementing said features.

Also, I think RethinkDB would be a better fit for the job.


I would like to remind everyone that haggling is strongly discouraged here.
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This post is strictly for finding developers. Discussions that do not directly relate to finding developers, or discussions that discuss specifics are not to occur here. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Not everyone knows how to use actual Databases, I sure don’t. I’ve tried using MySQL and MongoDB and I can not understand how to use either, despite reading many pages of tutorials. H2 sets itself up and works out of the box.


I do not use. Look at this. https://github.com/Tollainmear/Inspector/tree/ForAPI7-By-Tollainmear


Yo is this stable? :open_mouth:


Is what stable? No one has taken up the project.


The link that was posted above


Clearly states on the Readme: “Currently not stable and under heavy development”.