Ore feedback (design and additions)


After the last State of Sponge, I became interested in contributing to the Ore project
so after a bit of struggling I managed to install it on my dev machine. And I must say
well done to all the members who worked on Ore its amazing!

But I have some thought on how to improve. I myself have little to no experience in Scala or the Play Framework but I have been reading and studying it so I can contribute in the near future.
I do however have experience in Bootstrap, SCSS, JQuery, JavaScript.

So here we go:
First the nitpicking design details:
I like the design but it feels a bit bodged together
Overal alignement is strange on some places:

The box with the plugin description has rounded corners but nothing else on the page has round corners.
Navbar at the top has a horizontal line from side to side while to footer does not.
Navbar with docs, versions… is bit to much to the left.

On mobile navbar (including search) disappears:

And the navbar is glued to the side

Other idea’s

  • When creating a project it also creates a page on the forum for discussions, there should be a link to that discussion maybe after source (see few screenshots ago)?
  • Ajax/Infinite scrol: forum already has infinite scroll (and of course we are 2018 :sweat_smile: and don’t need pagination)
  • On mobile the filtering is at the bottom of the page which kinda stinks, maybe we could do filtering on mobile at the top like this:

I hope this was helpful!
I’m able to work on the design if that would help :slight_smile:

Feedback always appreciated!


@felixoi started redesigning the categories section, and I think he has some plans for the rest of the site. Feel free to submit a PR!