Player skins not displaying and fire spreads in nether despite doFireTick set to false


Issue 1: The player skins on our server (Minecraft 1.12.2 running Forge v .2555) only appear correctly when a player first logs onto the server, after they’ve left another player’s line of sight and returned, they appear only as Steve or Alex.

Issue 2: We have doFireTick set to FALSE but fire spreads like crazy in the Nether dimension (it does not spread in Overworld).

Any help would be much appreciated, I am pretty new to running a server, which I know is a pain, but I do have knowledgeable players available to help, they suggested checking here first thing.


Are you running SpongeForge? If so, what version?
The skins issue may be a Sponge bug. Similar things happened at SOS 15.
As for the doFireTick issue, gamerules are supposed to be set per-world with Sponge. See if that sorts out that problem.

  1. or update Nucleus to 1.2.1+


So thanks for the note on per-world fireTick, that fixed it. Our skins became fixed today when we updated Nucleus to v1.2.2 and SpongeForge. We were only one version back on SpongeForge, however, just to clarify. Thanks for you quick help!