ProjectWorlds - Multi world management plugin


I’m sure there’s an essentials plugin that does this.


Hi TrenTech, I have an issue with this plugin that when I name a world either with a space
(Test World) or a " the plugin will state the world does not exist. Naming a world without any space or quotation mark will work properly. I would not mind changing the world’s name without a space but It cannot find the world to begin with. Any ideas?


How do we use TerrainControl in Sponge?


ALL modded items got scrambled or deleted upon creating a new world using your plugin.


It’s possible that world UUIDs got changed. This plugin probably needs some updating.
However, it’s always a good procedure to back everything up before adding plugins.


Anyway to make a world that is only 1 biome lets say a desert.


Is there a way to make this work with command blocks? I can’t seem to get it to work, keeps asking me for a player name.


Can I only allow teleport to a specific world??

If I enable, then they can just teleport to any of the worlds…


Hows to create a flat world?
the plugins is great!