RankUpper - Auto rankup plugin based on economy, time or xps


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Rank Upper - Promote your players based on Requeriments/Statistics

Promote your players on your server based on requeriments. Actually the requeriments are:

  • Time played;
  • Money Earned;
  • Experience (in Levels);
  • Now you can use Sponge Statistics to track for rankup

This plugin will run commands (permission commands or any command) when a player reach a specific requeriment/statistic based on configurations and existing groups in your permissions group!

Discuss with the developer online on Discord: https://discord.gg/ytDBUc8

Commands and Permissions

All commands can be acessed in game using only /ru and all commands support offline players, including commands to set time, query player info and check.


/ru check - To check own playerd time and requeriments to next rank.
/ru check [player] - To check for other player.
/ru top - Show the top 10 table of most played on server.
/ru player-info <player> - See first join, time played, last visit and last know name.
/ru set <player> <minutes> - Set the played time of a player.
/ru add <player> <minutes> - Add time played to player.
/ru save-all - Save all stats to file.
/ru load-all - Load all stats from file.
/ru list-groups - List all group on config, with requeriments.
/ru reload - Reload the config and lang file.
/ru addgroup <group> <nextGroup> <time> <level> <money>- Add a ranked group.
/ru setgroup <group> <nextGroup> <time> <level> <money>- Change requeriments of a group.



How to use:

All configurations is on rankupper.conf, All nodes are commented.

Default configuration:

# Stop counting time when a player is AFK? (Using Nucleus' API only!)
# Setting this true without Nucleus (0.23.1+) installed will result in player's time not being counted.
database {
    # The default uri is: "jdbc:h2:playerstats.db"
# Save to database every X minutes.
# Date format to save data info of players.
# Enable debug messages?
# Save to file every X minutes.
# Available languages: EN-US, PT-BR
# IMPORTANT: Change from "default" to exact group name the player need to is in to be promoted to next group
ranked-groups {
    group-example {
        # Commands to execute when promote. These commands will depend on your permission plugin.
        # Available placeholders: {player}, {oldgroup}, {newgroup}
            "lp user {player} parent unset {oldgroup}",
            "lp user {player} parent set {newgroup}",
            "xp 50L {player}"
        # Levels(not experience) needed to promote.
        # Broadcast the promote messsage to all players.
        # Available placeholders: {player}, {time}, {newgroup}
        message-broadcast="&a>> The player &6{player} &ahas played for &6{time} &aand now is rank {newgroup} of server."
        # Use some Minecraft Statistics to track for rankup.
        # This option will only accept LONG types for statistics.
        # See all statistics names here: https://jd.spongepowered.org/7.0.0/org/spongepowered/api/statistic/Statistics.html
        minecraft-statistics {
        # Minutes played needed.
        # Money needed. Do not requires additional plugin.
        # Exact name of group to promote player on match the requiriments.
# Interval to add online player times.
# Use uuids to store players stats on playerstats.conf?

Use this commands to add or edit your groups:

/ru addgroup <group> <nextGroup> <time> <level> <money>- Add a ranked group.
/ru setgroup <group> <nextGroup> <time> <level> <money>- Change requeriments of a group.

Or follow these steps:

  • Copy the contents of “group-example” and make your changes;
  • Change the requeriments for each group section you add;
  • Add as many commands you want to run on promote;
  • Add minecraft statistic based on name in this page: https://jd.spongepowered.org/7.0.0/org/spongepowered/api/statistic/Statistics.html
  • The name of section configuration need to be the group name the player need to be in to be promoted to next-group;
  • The player will be promoted/group changed by the command set on “execute-commands” option. This is a list of commands;
  • The commands can vary with the plugins you is using;
  • Use {player} to add the player name, and {oldgroup}/{newgroup} to use the player group and next group names on commands;
  • To do not use broadcast message, set to “” (empty) string;


Sorry to ask this, as it's already been asked, but will RankUpper work with Lucky Perms? It seems like Lucky Perms has become more popular and RankUpper is an amazing plugin. Just trying to get the best of both worlds.


A new version has been released for RankUpper, it is available for download here.

RankUpper 3.0.1

  • Changed the groups code again, but now tested with LuckPerms and 100% working on MY tests;
  • Compatible with API 7.0.0 (if not work, download from our jenkins);


Any way to add a placeholder so it shows progress to the next rank, like in above the hotbar or in the scoreboard


You mean on use /ru check? Maybe yes. Seems is not hard to do this.


A new version has been released for RankUpper, it is available for download here.

RankUpper 3.1.0

  • Universal version: Compatible with all api versions, including API 8;
  • Detect if not using economy plugins;
  • Fixed some bugs;


A new version has been released for RankUpper, it is available for download here.

RankUpper 4.0.0 #12 (API 5, 6, 7 and 8)

  • Changed database to H2 storage;
  • Added Sponge Statistics to track for rankup (see new options on group configurations);
  • Fixed not loading other languages;
  • Added language PT-BR;


I recently changed my server to a cracked one and RankUpper seem to have stopped ranking up players. What is causing this? thanks.


gibt es eine Möglichkeit Rechte hinzuzufügen oder zu entfernen von einer Gruppe

is there a way to add or remove rights from a group
my english is very bad sorry in advance


A new version has been released for RankUpper, it is available for download here.

RankUpper 4.0.2 #14 (API 5, 6, 7 and 8)


How do I make it so that MOB_KILLS are not a requirement for ranking up? I’ve tried removing it from the config, but any time the plugin is reloaded or I start the server, the requirement keeps returning in the config.


Does this plugin work with totaleconomy? Whenever I rankup it doesnt take any money away.

Each rank config looks like this: https://pastebin.com/Zm83KYJn


I dont know how to edit my post above, but someone in the discord helped me. The plugin doesnt remove money, I had to add the command to remove it.