Setup two worlds, one survival one creative


So my goal is to have one server with two worlds (not counting end/nether). I’d like one world survival and the other creative with portals connecting them. When the player goes through the portal I want their gamemode automatically switched and no inventories carried between the two.

Is it possible to set this up? I’ve tried ProjectWorlds and Nucleus, both can create the second world but I have to type commands to switch my gamemode every time. PJW always reports the world as being survival, Nucleus says it’s creative but I still have to manually switch. I haven’t tried to use portals yet, I’ve just been manually teleporting to test things out.

I’m trying to get this working on a SpongeVanilla server and the only other plugin I’m using is LuckPerms.


I using these plugins Nucleus + PJC + PJP + PJI


ProjectWorlds requires that the gamerule forceGamemode is set to true.

/world gamerule forceGamemode true

Also make sure that players DO NOT have the permission pjw.override.gamemode


How are you able to get the gamemode to automatically switch from survival to creative (and back) when the player goes through a portal to the other world? Using Nucleus and Project Portals I have no trouble creating a second world and linking them with portals. But the only way I can switch the gamemode is with manual commands.


I started over, tried it again, and it is working. Your Worlds, Portals and Inventories plugins are exactly what I wanted for a family server (along with Total Economy). Thank you, I just bought you a cup of coffee.