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for some reason players arent able to inteact with pixelmon npcs now and i have like every flag set to true. not sure why its not working.


Hey man very nice plugin, Im loving it man.. Just a little bit of an issue I need to have resolved.
My server is a Pixelmon server and I have installed this plugin and everything is working well.
All I need to know is in a admin region how am I able to make it so Players can interact with NPC (Entitys)
and how do I let them use this block : pixelmon:item.PC
thanks man!


This is the same flags as "passives". Is the same for animals and other MODs creatures (Like Pixelmon creatures).

Try to disable the flag "can-projectiles" on region you want.


I cant kill Pokemon in Regions.. help


Will item/block blacklisting in a world be implemented by any chance?


"/rp flag deny-cmds sethome, home, say, backpack" - taken from the wiki... doesn't work


Have to use cmd:cmdhere, cmd:cmdhere, etc.


After update i changed the help strings, but the language string is not automatic updated to preserve the translations. About the wiki i fixed the description :wink: Thanks.


Using 1.8.9 latest version, not sure which one cause no numbers, I run into an issue with Pixelmon Fossil Machines.
You can put a pokeball into them, and then try to break it all over and over again duping the pokeball. It is not an issue in player claims however.


i build spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1625
but /rp flag ->this is not implemented on sponge API for now


Is there a way to add flags such as allowing use of all items. (More Specifically, Healers, PC's, ECT from Pixelmon)


You can use the flag "allow-mod". This flag will allow non members to interact with all non-Minecraft itens, or in other words, interact with only mod itens.


Downloaded the latest version of the plugin, however the flag "can-hunger" doesn't seem to be working - No matter what I set the flag to, players always lose hunger.

Not sure if anybody else has this issue, if they do then I'm glad it's not just me - if it is only me that's having the issue, can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:


I dont remeber if control hunger is implemented on Actual API but the intention is to work.

I a few days i will reopen my Pixelmon server and back to use this version on my server... For now i only with Bukkit version.


I could use some help trying to figure this one out. I'm running a pixelmon server, just set it up and trying to use redprotect to well, protect our spawn in city. It works well, and I set the door flag so people can open up doors and such. But for the life of me I can't figure out what flag or permission to give for the users to interact with the NPC's / PC etc. Any thoughts and help would be appriciated :smiley:


Try the /rp flag allow-mod true command, should work (works for me at least :slight_smile:)


That was it, thanks! in my head I was thinking that flag was modify blocks or something like that lol.


It looks wonderful and I'm sorry if this has already been asked but... is this compatible with the new 1.10 SV yet?


Minecraft 1.10 matches to Sponge API 5, so that's what you want to be looking for. In the top post there is a link for this version (under Version 1.9.4) but make sure to read the issue note.


Version 1.10.2 requeriments:

- Requires JAVA 8
- Forge: 1.10.2 -
- SpongeForge: 1.10.2-2044 | API: 5.0.0-BETA | Build: 1659+

:white_check_mark: Fixed Issues:
:heavy_check_mark: Player Movement detection and Movement events;
:heavy_check_mark: Flag fire now can deny fire spread and blocks damage by fire;