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@FabioZumbi12 Your plugin keeps throwing errors in event handlers. How should I send them to you?


Paste the errors on pastebin to i see what happens.


I get the same on my server in one version of Sponge but it solved after update to latest build.


The errors are not showing up. It just says that an exception was catched. I'll pastebin you that later


Hey FabioZumbi, I am trying to use your plugin with PermissionManager to set the number of claim blocks a certain group can use. I have entered in the permission redprotect.limit.blocks.7500, but does not seem to be registering. Am I overlooking something, or placing it in the wrong area? any help would be great!


Currently waiting for This Problem to resolve itself


Chat is getting spammed by players just walking around. I also don't know how to disable the notify.


Humm... tested and i dont get the message spaming with this Sponge version:


I'm using 1.10.2 (Api 5)

I also noticed that /rp flag allow-mod true is not working


I am using 1.8.9 and still working. Is there more people with the same flag problem?


Could it be a 1.10.2 problem specifically?


I mentioned the version spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.2.0-BETA-1693.jar for 1.8.9 because one version later i get this spam on my server too...

I think the Sponge is firing some events on wrong locations... But you can set the message to "" on redprotect lang file. This will make the message not be sent to your players.


I saw something about disabling RedProtect notifications. How do I do that? Like, what line is it in the config?


Theres no way to disable all notifications, as i saw, you can disable per message. You need to find the message showing on your chat, find on language file and set to "" (empty quotes)

I dont know in what versions of Sponge this is happening. I think is only specific sponge builds...


I'd like to bring to light that regions arent working. Players can build/break in them.

Sponge 5.0.0 Beta 1758
Current RedProtect


The wiki has a page about economy.. When it generates the files on first start it does NOT create an economy file... It all reads like except for the things listed above.. everything should be the same to the bukkit/spigot plugin.. Does RedProtect support an economy?

Great plugin by the way :smiley: Thank you for creating it :smiley:


So i am having a serious problem on my server, seem that players can claim over another person claim. We have it set up so they use an item, like golden shovel to claim their area. I am not sure where to look, config looks good and I dont see anywhere in their permissions to do this. any incite to this issue? here is the perms ive given to normal players:
- redprotect.own.welcome
- redprotect.own.rename
- redprotect.near
- redprotect.own.addowner
- redprotect.own.removemember
- redprotect.own.limit
- redprotect.own.claim
- redprotect.own.addmember
- redprotect.own.claimlimit
- redprotect.own.border
- redprotect.limit.3500
- redprotect.own.list
- redprotect.infowand
- redprotect.own.near
- redprotect.own.info
- redprotect.own.removeowner
- redprotect.own.delete

I also have the wands set as
wands {

The fact that the first one says "admin" scares me, but I dont think there is an alternative.


I will update and test on 1.10.2 today.

Theres some bug fixes to do on Sponge api like player movement and some think that is allowing player to by-pass protections on 1.10.2 (because Sponge API).


we are on 1.8.9 - sponge api 4.2.0. RedProtect version 6.4.9-b5 Let me know if you need anything else, appreciate you looking into this


New Update:

:heavy_check_mark: Updated to latest API for build 1773;
:heavy_check_mark: Fixed if player is last owner, cant remove;

Version 1.10.2 requeriments:

- Forge: 1.10.2 -
- SpongeForge: 1.10.2-2092 | API: 5.0.0-BETA | Build: 1773+

:bulb:To allow player to use mod machines in your Spawn or public locations, give this flag:
-> /rp flag allow-mod true