🛡 [Anti-Grief|General Protection] RedProtect Universal (All APIs Compatible)


Thanks for the update...anyway to take a look at the version for api 4.2?


The API 4.2 dont changed at the point of one claim replace another... On my server running pixelmon 1.8.9 i dont have this problem.

Then, i dont have updated.

If more people have this problem too...


This is bizarre, would there be a permission or config setting that would allow this to happen? Players are using the /rp claim command using the adminWandID="minecraft:golden_shovel". setting up the claims works fine, but another player not connected to a claim can go in and claim it...this is the same as they can claim over an /rp define area.


I used "/rp setminy Spawn-Mine world 37" and it says "[RedProtect] This World don't exist."
What do I need to give you so you can look into this issue?


You can use only /rp setminy 37 standing under the region, or use only the name of region. I dont remember if in Sponge version it suports world name.

Sorry, i really dont know what can be this. If noerrors on console and if is inly with you, its to hard to get wheres is wrong :confused:


Okay thanks for your help, ill do some testing to try to figure it out


I already tried without specifying the world "/rp setminy Spawn-Mine 37" and got the same error message but that this 37 don't exist.
Booting up my minecraft to try the other suggestion you had.


I forgot to let people here know that using "/rp setminy 37" while inside the "Spawn-Mine" admin claim worked.


Just wanted to say some kind words while having issues with getting other grief preventions to work. RedProtect works well with Permission Manager and suits my needs far more than expected. Would recommend RedProtect to anyone. @FabioZumbi12 has done well.


Crashing server


@FabioZumbi12 any news on the errors?


So. I don't know if this has been answered yet but I am having an issue with the /rp buy and /rp sell commands. It's telling me "Invalid Command". Is this implemented or am I missing something?


I have noticed that RedProtect does not prevent players from using WorldEdit on user, admin, and wilderness claims. Is this something you will be able to implement in the future? I don't want to limit access since our server is building oriented and WorldEdit is a very valuable tool for our players.


Is region renting implemented in the sponge build? I don't see it in the sponge RP config.


Hi there.

I'm getting a weird error whenever I try to protect a region.
I place the fences all around a house and place a sign on the fence with [rp] on the 1st line but I get the message
"[RP] There was an error creating that region! (Put your sign next to the block you want. There is no viable block next to your sign)"

But as I said, I placed the sign on a fence around a house :confused:

Did I messed up something?


The /rp sell or /rp buy cmds do not work. Help pls.


Is there a way to target players for server-enter-command? For example /give @p diamond, will translate @p to the player who entered the region.


Is there a way that players can claim via wand instead of fences? It is kind of tacky.


Use like method 2!


How do I set redprotect to disallow interaction with gates, doors, etc, etc, except for npcs from the Custom NPCs mod?