🛡 [Anti-Grief|General Protection] RedProtect Universal (All APIs Compatible)


Where is the download address, I don’t know where to download it




I can’t download it. After opening the web page, it appears that “this version is not downloaded through our auditors is safe to download…” the continuation button doesn’t work


Will there be API 7? MC 1.12.2
It would be very useful.


Will, its a universal jar supporting api 5 to 8.


Hey @FabioZumbi12 please help me! how can i allow players interact with mod blocks??? thanks


On 1.12 dont hook mods (ic2 laser and other items break protection regions), but on 1.10 all fine.


Its because API changes and nor Redprotect. The mods need to fire the Sponge events correctly to our plugin listen correct.

Add the flag allow-mods: /rp flag allow-mods true


Can I create a 1.12.2 version?


RedProtect is already compatible with all api versions (like is in the title)


I like your plugin very much, I hope it can be updated continuously


Follow our discord, theres a lot of dev builds with some fixes and improvements: https://discord.gg/m27n4


I’m from China. I don’t speak much English. I’m sorry.


Can you make a plugin for backup?
Because the plugins you make are all very useful, I think you will make a good backup plugin.


Is it possible to disable the growth of wheat in the whole world?