⛄ NPCs [v3.0.0] - Easiest and Best NPC plugin


Don’t work on SpongeForge 1.12.2.


Their should be a /freeze command so the players cant move the npcs :confused:


Im working with 1.11.2


plugin is good support is bad where a wiki a video tut?


Literally an explanation in the main post. Try not to be so lazy next time. Dev’s arent here to serve you.


Still planning to add quest systems? :smiley: if it is added already then i am dumb -_-


someone explain how to add a condition


thats true but does the dev tell you how to make conditions and that no he does not


completely agree that you should be able to stop npcs from mving around


i believe you can if you disable
interact you can walk through npc instead of moving them around


That just makes it so you cant talk to the NPC.You also can still move them :confused:


hmm yes your correct, maybe place barrier blocks around the npc’s feet?


this method is very trashy…


They despawn after a server restart so it doesnt even matter


No they just disappear, move it somewhere else and back it back


Not in api 5.The devloper really needs to fix these issues.


I am using API 5 Version, IDK about other versions


Please update to API 7.


It clearly has an API 7 version.


Not work. Error in console.