Spam in the console with the same error


When i start my server it keeps spaming this error
and then the server goes down but before the error i can see in the console that the server starts replacing blooks for buildcarft pumps here you can see what i am telling about
pls i need help this error is getting me mad


The error looks more like it’s coming from universe guard failing to load something. Should probably have caught that null…

UniverseGuard-2.5.jar java.lang.NullPointerException: null @ load

They combined with the nbt issues lead me to believe that either the server was forcibly shut down, crashed, it the file system is corrupted. Don’t quote me on this though, I only just woke up.


What do you sugest to avoid that error??? thx for your answer


I have no idea… there is no reason that a plugin should really throw a NPE internally, I have no idea what they are doing that would cause that, i assume it is an issue on their end.