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Glad you like it! New version is up! :D


It looks really good. I’ve always preferred darker colored websites due to the fact it doesn’t strain my eyes as much while reading and watching. Well done @octoshrimpy!


The dark sponge! Night reading is way much better :wink:


Not sure if I think the top bar color fits with the rest, but overall I think the latest version is pretty good.

Still gonna use the default version though cause… white :slight_smile:


What do you think of this? That’s technically the latest one. :)


@Octoshrimpy it looks great to me, though I am not a fan of the tan top box (it feels VERY washed out and hard to read) as well as the far right activity column, which feels out of place and needlessly emphasized.

The rest of it I love though!


Odd… Tan box? where? other than the reply button, there is no tan boxes in the theme…
And the activity column in which page?


It may not show if your logged in.

Activity column being the one on the index.


oh, whoa. That’s new, never seen it before, so it didn’t get edited… I’l see what I can do to change it to a more subtle color. And the activity column?


I edited my post :stuck_out_tongue:


Tan box fixed. :)
Can you show me where the column index is at? I know the forum by HTML element name, not by logical names. xD


0.0 Try the yellow from the logo. That yellow is terrifying T-T

And its literally just the far right column that says how long ago the thread had a post.


tan to yellow fixed, and fixed text colors so they’re legible. And I think I’ll leave the column the same color it is, to match the top bar.


Bug report (or intended behaviour?):
There’s a weird yellow line around mod posts.
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/wLxXewK


That’s intended, also stated in the OP that yellow lines highlight mod posts.


Oh, wow. I guess I should’ve read the OP better…


Looking great so far! Couple of things to note:

  1. Polls look like this:

    After voting, the options are very hard to read.

  2. Read topics look identical to me as unread topics. I think the original style changed the highlighting or text color for this.

  3. Just a personal thing, but what about alternating colored post backgrounds, similar (but darker?) than the thread backgrounds?


@Gnat008, nice catches! :D

Link to poll, please?

You mean the ones that have " *new " next to them?
Will see what I can do about that.

The posts within a thread? A possibility, I assume.



There are a few polls floating around I think, but I used this one.

Those ones are obvious that I haven’t read, but if I’ve read a thread before, and I don’t track it, it’s hard for me to tell which ones I have and haven’t read, or got caught up in if there are new replies. If that makes any sense at all. haha

Yeah. As I said, that’s just a personal thing. For all I know, it would look like crap. hehe

You’ve certainly done some great work on this. It really does look great!


Hmmm weird I got a notification from this thread.

Back to topic: You might want to note that

  - Option 1
  - Option 2

Might not work