SpongeBootstrap - Fixes ordering issue with other coremods


Does this also work for 1.11.2 / Spongeforge forge-1.11.2- ? Thanks!


nvm i figerd it out


Works amazing, using it for a FTB Beyond server! :smiley:


How did you get it to work?


You got it working for FTB Beyond? How did you get past the fact that ElecCore requires Forge when you have to use 2221 with the latest stable sponge build?


you dont need 2221 its recommended but not required


perfect. I was just about to amend my post because I figured that out.


I just changed FTBServer-1.10.2- to Forge-1.10.2-, edited the settings.sh/settings.bat to point to SpongeBootstrap-0.2.0.jar instead of the default.


Just upgraded one my mod packs on a sever and had a mod loading way before anything else, this totally fixed it! Zero problems anymore.

I am curious thou, why doesn't sponge do this on its own? or are priorities set by the mods themselves and this simply overrides other priorities so this loads first?


Forge takes care of loading core mods. Sponge can't step in until Forge lets it, and Forge doesn't let core mods configure their order. SpongeBootstrap works around that by hacking the Forge startup process.


Version 0.3.0 released to support Minecraft 1.11.2


Thank you for this awesome work. :+1:
I finally managed to make a Spigot-FTB Beyound Server


Can someone tell me how to use this on a dedicated hosted server? Running FTB Beyond and having issues.


Perhaps you could give more details on the issues you're having?

These quoted texts may help:

Also note that you must run the forge server first and verify it launches without spongeforge before attempting to use the bootstrap.


it will launch without spongeforge but as soon as I add spongeforge I get an error with wanionlib saying it doesn't exist but without spongeforge its there.


Can I see the exact error? The log file logs/fml-server-latest.log would also be useful.

First, make sure it's actually running the bootstrap jar.


That's the issue, it's not running Bootstrap no matter what how I try to run it


The log may be helpful regardless.


This is the log running the latest forge and the latest sponge with FTB Beyond



[18:26:21] [main/DEBUG] [FML/]: Java classpath at launch is /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server36863/jar/beyond.jar

It appears you're not actually running the bootstrap

Make sure to change the launch arguments to launch the SpongeBootstrap-0.3.0.jar file. Also, beyond.jar is not the original name of the forge jar. The forge just must have its original name i.e. in your case: forge-1.10.2-
Re-read the instructions at the top of this forum post for more info