Tab Manager [API 5/6/7] [v 1.0.4/v 2.1.3] - Customize your tab list

Sorry that the plugin is causing conflict issues, I’d recommend you make an issue report on it if you want to continue using it, it shouldn’t be hard for the author to edit their code so that it respects other mods/plugins that use scoreboards.

I think that would actually be pretty cool btw, and probably not too hard to add since there’s already some kind of group order implemented, for a different reason maybe but it could probably work for that as well right?

Can Proxying add new feature update tab automatic or time interval when player change group ?

Think you should be able to use the reload command for that.
But reload isn’t working for me for some reason, so can’t test it out. (Haven’t spent too much time configuring the mod, so possibly a problem on my end)

reload command not working!
Unknown command

Picture detail unknown command for reload command v.1.0.4 :

v1.0.4 works with /sponge plugins reload

Can you try with tab reload or tm reload? Think I miswrote the docs.

Both tab and tm reload work.

prefix not support over 16 Characters error in console
Please fix prefix for support over 16 Characters.

code error link :

@11115 That’s the Scoreboard my friend, I don’t think that’s something he can fix. The real issue you have is that your groups’ names are too long. It takes the names as scoreboard teams. For example if you had the default group, the default scoreboard team would be named TabM_default which is 12 characters. Only thing it could potentially do would be reducing/removing the TabM_ part. On your end, you could reduce the amount of characters in the names of your ranks/groups.

There’s not much I can do to fix that, Minecraft scoreboards do not nativly support names longer than 16 characters. The only option would be for you to instead of showing the full rank e.g. [Awesome Rank] Proxying, show something that is short for it such as [A R] Proxying.

Hmm, do you know if the pixelmon scoreboard is able to support more than 16 characters? Want to know if Ill run into this problem in the future or not.

11115’s error is from Pixelmon. Pixelmon is just a mod of Minecraft, at the end of the day, MINECRAFT does not support more than 16 characters, an no Mod can change that.

Well, no. Any mod could change that if they wanted to.

Sorry for the delayed reply, been busy. Pixelmon’s doesn’t support more than 16 for Prefix/Suffix no, its just an extension of the MC one. Although I’m not sure why you’d be using a prefix that’s more than 16 characters long, even if the scoreboard could support it, it’d very likely only display correctly on ultra widescreen monitors.

Oh, seems I misunderstood. I though that the Prefix/Suffix + Name can’t be more than 16 characters.

considered adding support for placeholderapi? so we can display things like online player count/etc?

Sorry for the delayed reply, never even noticed I had a message. I’m not sure about placeholder anytime in the near future, currently I’m behind enough on the smaller planned updates due to being super busy. I’ll hopefully have time over summer to look into things like this though, so it’s not fully off the table yet.

I would like to re-request this feature