Text editor: Atom


Hello, everybody. How to connect package SpongeAPI in text editor Atom? :grinning:


I would really recommend using an IDE over Atom.

Atom might be a smart text editor, but it’s no Java IDE.


Okay, but then the question arises which is better to choose, so that it least loads the system?


Sponge is not magic or special (I mean, it is, :heart:, just not in this way). The Sponge API is a regular old Java library. IDEs which work with regular old Java libraries will work with Sponge, especially those which support Maven or Gradle. Atom is very much not recommended because it’s a glorified text editor and proper development is best done in an actual development environment. Most people here, myself included, would recommend IntelliJ IDEA, and what few remain would for some reason recommend Eclipse.

If you truly need to use a glorified text editor instead of a good IDE due to extenuating circumstances, I would recommend Visual Studio Code as it has much better support for Java than Atom does in my opinion.


That’s just one of the considerations.

The other is knowing that the auto-complete is strong enough that you are aware of the inheritance structure, and methods that are available because of it, as well as handling debugging and project building.

As long as the Atom plugin for Java can do all of that you are golden, but I havn’t used it myself, and couldn’t recommend it to others after trying it myself, funnily, due to performance issues due to being written inside of electron…

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I will be reconciled with low productivity. Very low.


Regardless, at a minimum these are the bare minimum you are going to need to do anything productive with SpongeAPI unless you are some sort of a ninja at reading JavaDocs.

Java support for Atom
Gradle support for Atom

https://discuss.atom.io/t/atom-as-java-ide/19899 might help.

also https://github.com/atom/ide-java/


Also, just curious, what are the features of Atom that make it worth while to you? / how do you currently use it?


I saw the potential in this text editor and by the functions presented in it and its optimization I would use it for place IntelJ Idea.


Just saying, it has far less functionality than IntelliJ, and very little optimization considering that it, as an Electron app, embeds the entirety of Google Chrome into itself. Again, at the end of the day, it’s your choice, but while I grudgingly accept that some people just might prefer Eclipse, for example, I am absolutely baffled how anyone could use a text editor over an IDE for serious Java development.


Agreed. I’ve tried a few different work-flows with Eclipse, Atom, VisualStudio Code, and Vim. Nothing has yet to come close to what IntelliJ offers, and how it’s offered.