Token Manager , except open source



name is seethingword and looking for someone to port a plugin for my server.

Work Needed

Anyone able to make a plugin like this or able to port it over?




must be original enough that it doesn’t require premission from original maker of TokenManager
Code will be open source!


Discord: seethingword#6126

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As far as I can see it’s basically an economy plugin. Go to and look for plugins in the economy category.


nothing there matches the plugin i asked for




Is it the shops which is what is missing? Because there’s plenty of different shop and kit plugin options to use if you can’t find anyone to take up your project.


Looking for a GUI type thing that allows custom currencies and commands to be set from GUI items


Did this ever get ported over? Im needing this plugin in particular as its what im using as a bonus network wide currency through MYSQL.


No it didnt. noone would port it